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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
Life under occupation

Defiant Palestinian Shepherds Face Down Settler and Army Violence Aaron Lakoff - ISM/IMEMC - We were in a van about 100 meters down the road from our destination of At-Tuwani, and it had only been half and hour since we had left Jerusalem this morning. An Israeli woman turned to me from the seat in front, smiled, and said, "Pretty fast, no?" 9/3/2005
PCHR Weekly report PCHR - Gaza - Occupation Forces (IOF) Launch More Attacks in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) 31/3/2005
Solidarity visit to TwaneTa`ayush - On Saturday the 26 of march about 30 people, Taayush and international activists together with residents of Hirbet Tawane went out to the fields belonging the the villages Tawane, Mufkara and Haruba that had been poisoned a few days earlier by Jewish settlers31/3/2005
Settlers attack a resident in Hebron IMEMC - Agencies - A group of settlers from Keryat Arab’ settlement, in the center of Hebron, attacked a farmer while he was planting his orchard and forced him out of his land. 31/3/2005
Did you say the Israelis are withdrawing?Y. Khellef - Electronic Intifada - Since the Sharm El Sheikh summit things have significantly improved in the Palestinian territories. The Army has stopped its incursions in Palestinian towns, Palestinian civilians are free to move, prisoners are about to be released and economic activity is slowly recovering... 1/3/2005
Yom al-Ard in BethlehemJuliette G. and Shihad - Electronic Intifada - Live from Palestine, 31 March 2005 31/3/2005
P.A to return to The Hague IMEMC - Agencies - The Palestinian Authority said that it is preparing a campaign and an international case against the Separation wall in Jerusalem and the “security fences” in the Gaza Strip. 31/3/2005
Through the Looking-glassISM volunteers in Qawawis - K.L and Camyla - The small village of Qawawis is the most peaceful place I have ever visited. Geographically it is situated south of Al-Khalil (Hebron) in the West Bank. Here a handful of shepherding families live in caves cut from the stony hill by hand.31/3/2005
Walking Through the Soldiers` LineBela - ISM - An account of the `Land Day` in Palestine, 200531/3/2005
Israeli Peace Activists ConvictedISM news relay - On March 30 2005, two Israeli peace activists - Neta Golan and Shely Nativ - were convicted for their non-violent civil disobedient actions against the Occupation. 31/3/2005
Human Rights Can Help Solve Conflict over LandBadil - Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights Press release - Israel is under an obligation to return the land, orchards, olive groves and other immovable property seized from any natural or legal person for purposes of construction of the wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.30/3/2005
Ambulances transport Israeli troops 30/3/2005
Israel`s Arab minority marks Land Day 30/3/2005
Link to a photo gallery of Breaking the Silence, NRG(Previous article - Soldiers` Photos)30/3/2005
Breaking the Silence: soldiers` photosBreaking the Silence - nrg/Maariv 29 March 200530/3/2005
One Big PrisonIsraeli human rights organizations HaMoked and B`Tselem warns against continued strangulation of Gaza Strip after disengagement29/3/2005
Gaza Prison: Freedom of Movement to and from the Gaza Strip on the Eve of the Disengagement PlanB`tselem and HaMoked - For the past four and a half years, Israel has severely restricted freedom of movement to and from the Gaza Strip. These restrictions further strangled the Gaza Strip, so much so that the area resembles one gigantic prison. Israel’s policies have reduced many human rights – among them the right to freedom of movement, family life, health, education, and work – to “humanitarian gestures” that Israel sparingly provides.29/3/2005
Two Palestinians wounded in Kafr QalilBahrain News Agency - Israeli troops shot and wounded two Palestinians in the town of Kafr Qalil near Nablus. 29/3/2005
Army to confiscate lands west of Bethlehem IMEMC and Agencies - On Sunday, Israeli soldiers handed on dozens of residents of Nahhalin, west of Bethlehem, military orders to evacuate from their lands within 45 days. 28/3/2005
Israeli Troops Raid West Bank TownAgence France Presse - Israeli troops raided the West Bank town of Jenin early Monday, carrying out house-to-house searches and arresting eight Palestinians, witnesses and the army said. 28/3/2005
Easter Reflection Maia Carter Hallward - "Friday was a crazy day in the Old City of Jerusalem. Not only was it Good Friday for the Western Christians, but it was also Friday Prayers for the Muslims .. and Purim for the Jews." 27/3/2005
Palestinians decry settler attacksKhalid Amayreh - Al-Jazeerah - The Palestinian Authority has urged international sponsors of the peace process to put pressure on the Israeli government to stop attacks by Jewish settlers on Palestinian villagers. 27/3/2005
Qawawis: Shepherds & Sheep & Settlers & Soldiers Bella - ISM - The settlers are trying to expell the Palestinian shepheards and force them off their land20/3/2005
Israeli Settlers from Ma`on Disrupt School PatrolDiana Zimmerman and Kim Lamberty - CPT Hebron - - On Saturday 26 March Israeli settlers from Ma`on paraded on a road outside of At-Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills preventing Palestinian children from returning home from school. 27/3/2005
Yitzhar settlers attack Palestinian villagers, clash with soldiers trying to stop the attackIMEMC and Agencies - Settlers of Yitzhar, near Nablus, attacked Friday Palestinians inside the village of Asira al-Kabaliya, and threw stones at Israeli security forces that arrived in the village to prevent them from attacking local residents. 27/3/2005
Israeli Border Police provokes violence in a Palestinian villageIMEMC & Agencies - Villagers accused that border police and army are harassing them because of their peaceful resistance against the construction of the separation wall27/3/2005
Israel did not ease restrictions on border crossings - Israeli violations threaten cease fireIMEMC and Agencies -Israel is still using the border crossings in order to pressure the P.A, and demanded Israel to remove the restrictions imposed over the crossings. Israeli violations threat the cease fire, especially after repeated incidents of shootings towards the residents on military checkpoints were reported. 27/3/2005
Israeli Soldiers and Settlers Unleash against the PalestiniansIPC+WAFA- Israeli occupation forces continued on Friday the violation of cease fire in the West Bank cities and villages, atacking and wounding several people in a peaceful march against the Aparthied Wall. Israeli settlers intensified their attacks on citizens.27/3/2005
Hell in Hebron: Hebron HillsAm Johal - Submitted to the Palestine Monitor - Settlers from Sussia continuously attack Palestinian farmers and shepheards. Many, deprived of shelter and water and harassed by settlers and Occupation forces, have been forced to move from the land they have called home for centuries. 27/3/2005
Palestinian Woman’s Face Disfigured by Israeli Soldiers’ Attack on her way to Pray in JerusalemPalestine Monitor - Manal Musa Salem was attempting to reach the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to pray when Israeli soldiers refused to let her pass the Shuafat Refugee Camp checkpoint and threw a stun grenade at her, severely disfiguring her face. 27/3/2005
A night raid in Bil`inOfra Katz - Machsom-Watch - "Army forces entered Bil`in last night around 2:10 a.m. This has become nearly routine procedure... They awakened the entire village, focusing on the southern part, in search of activists in anti-Fence demonstrations."26/3/2005
Out of the settler frying pan into the settlement police fireBy International Solidarity Movement. Arrested for the crime of being beaten by the settlers.25/3/2005
Settlers stone soldiersEfrat Weiss - Ynetnews - Army forces disperse West Bank settlers who stoned Palestinians; later about 100 settlers targeted troops26/3/2005
Settlers riot near Yitzhar Staff - online - Not one settler was arrested after rioting in the Palestinian village of A-Sira A-Kabalia near the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar Friday night, although Israeli Army sources described the actions of about 20 settlers as "extremely harsh". 26/3/2005
Rice criticizes Israel over Ma`aleh Adumim expansionJPost staff and AP - JP online - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Israel`s plan to expand Ma`aleh Adumim was "at odds with American policy" and could threaten peace with the Palestinians, marking her sharpest attack of Israel since taking office, according to a newspaper report Friday. 26/3/2005
Settler woman attacks a child in Hebron Saed Bannoura, IMEMC & Agencies - A Palestinian medical source in Hebron reported that a settler woman of the illegal outpost of `Ramat Yeshai` in Hebron attacked and stoned a 9-year-old child, while the soldiers, present at the scene did not attempt to stop her.25/3/2005
Five residents, including two children hurt in Bodrus Saed Bannoura –IMEMC & Agencies - Friday afternoon, Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Bodrus , west of the northern West Bank city of Ramallah and injured five residents, including two children. 25/3/2005
Israel expropriates more land for settlements near QalqiliaIMEMC and agencies - The Israeli civil administration in the northern West Bank area revealed plans to expropriate some 224 Dunams, (60 acres) in the village of Kufur Thulth and many other villages east of the West Bank city of Qalqilia. 25/3/2005
First Arab museum of the HolocaustThe first Holocaust museum in the world for the Arab public was inaugurated last week in Nazareth, the result of a private initiative of two residents of Um El Fahm25/3/2005
Army and Border Patrol Ruin a Wedding in Bil`inOfra Katz - MachsomWatch - "Army and BP forces entered Bil`in this afternoon in the middle of a wedding party. They stopped the wedding and threatened to arrest the bridal couple as a punishment for the whole village."25/3/2005
‘Israeli Border Guard dumped Palestinian boy in field’Ali Waked and Efrat Weiss - Ynetnews - West Bank Palestinian town residents say Border Guard troops provoked local children, severely beat man during raid 25/3/2005
360 Palestinian child detainees in Israeli prisonsSaed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies - Palestinian Minister of detainees, Sufian Abu Zaida, said that there are currently 360 child detainees in Israeli prisons and detention camps; at least half of them are between the ages of 12-15.25/3/2005
Good night Bil`in?Ofra Katz - MachsomWatch - "I received a desperate phone call from a Bil`in resident...this is Budrus Syndrome all over again: night raids, shooting concussion grenades, tear gas and "rubber" bullets in order to terrorize the villagers and put a stop to their non-violent demonstrations, and break the spirit of demonstrators wherever they are. 25/3/2005
Update on Imprisoned Objectors in Israel – 24 March 2005Sergeiy Sandler, Oshra Bar and Dror Mizrachi – New Profile - Eyal Brami – the first prisoner among the signatories of the new High School Seniors` Letter – sentenced to 28 days in prison. Nimrod Regev imprisoned for refusing to be stationed in the Occupied Territories CO ***** released from prison but due to be imprisoned again soon. CO Jonathan Ben-Artzi – Supreme Court appeal hearing and Recommended Action 25/3/2005
Border Patrol Drama in Bil`inOfra Katz - MachsmomWatch - "Since 6:30 p.m., an outlandish chase has been taking place by the army`s "humanitarian hotline", the Ramallah DCO and high-ranking army officers, after the kidnapping of a 12-year old child (or arrest, as the army put it). The child is mentally disturbed following a serious head wound and medical past." 24/3/2005
"The army not knowing from its left or right..."Ofra Katz - MachsomWatch - "On Tuesday, 22.3.05, Dina Goor and I went to Giv`at Zeev Police Station with the brother of the man from Bil`in whose house was burnt by a BorderPatrolman, since the house owner himself has no permit to enter Israel. "23/3/2005
A letter of a Palestinian A MachsomWatcher Tami Shellef received the following letter from a Palestinian woman, after a meeting at a checkpoint22/3/2005
Maa`leh Edomim Expansion mapThe Boston Globe - Despite `road map` Israel approves expansion of West Bank settlement - the detailed expansion map24/3/2005
Israeli Army arrests 4 Palestinians ahead of leaving Tul-Karim IMEMC and Agencies - Few hours before the handover of Tul Karem took place, army troops conducted raids in the Tul Karm and Nur al-Shams refugee camps, arresting four Palestinians.23/3/2005
Palestinians attempting to stop Israeli confiscation of their olive treesPalestine News Network - received from Bili`in village: "A private Israeli company working near the village of Bil’in, in the western Ramallah area, is in the process of uprooting over 80 olive trees from the villagers’ land now located on the Israeli side of the Apartheid Wall." 23/3/2005
Army invades Dahiat Al-Barid IMEMC and Agencies - Tuesday morning, Israeli soldiers invaded Dahiat Al-Barid, north of Jerusalem and started marking the lands to erect the separation wall in the area. 23/3/2005
A Message from the People of Bethlehem to the Occupation soldiers"We in the Bethlehem community have come to you today with a message on behalf of our people..."23/3/2005
Hawara Checkpoint, last SaturdayHava Halevi - Mahsomwatch23/3/2005
Breaking the Silence: Seeds of HateChen Kotas-Bar - nrg/Maariv - A seasoned soldier is shocked by a collective punishment carried out only a few days ago in the West Bank.23/3/2005
Israel to Expand Largest West Bank SettlementGreg Myre - The NYT - Israel publicly confirmed plans to build 3.500 new housing units in the largest Jewish settlement in the West Bank. 23/3/2005
Israeli photographs show extensive new illegal settlementsEric Silver - The Independent - Palestinian officials and Israeli peace campaigners accused Ariel Sharon`s government of undermining peace efforts by expanding West Bank settlements even as it hands control of Arab towns to the Palestinian security services21/3/2005
A Village (about to be) Divided: The separation of Beit Hanina from Beit HaninaHanini - Free Palestine - Background: Blocked roads and travel restrictions in Northern Municipal Jerusalem 21/3/2005
New evidence of Israeli West Bank expansion Chris McGreal - The Guardian - Aerial photographs by Israel`s defence ministry have provided fresh evidence that the government is continuing its rapid expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank despite public statements to the contrary. 21/3/2005
Legal Advisor turned down the appeal against new settlers` road in HebronHebron Rehabilitaion Committee - press release - The Israeli Legal Advisor turned down the appeal against the supposed settlement road in Tel Rumaida area in Hebron21/3/2005
Israeli Occupation Forces arrested 170 citizens since last January.Wafa, Gaza - Ministry of Prisoners` Affairs (MPA)reported that random Israeli arrest operations are still going on, despite the fact that all Palestinian factions have agreed upon a period of calm. 21/3/2005
IOF Arrests 4 Little Children in East JerusalemWAFA - Head of Jabaa` Rural Council said that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested on Sunday four children in Jabaa` village, north-east Jerusalem21/3/2005
The Occupation Blitz on Tulkarem Unabated The International Press Center (IPC)- Israeli occupation forces continued its closure of Alar town, north of Tulkarem, isolating it from the outer world for the second day in row as the Israeli settlers cruelly beat up an elderly woman and a peace activist. More raids, house-searches and arrests in other villages 21/3/2005
PA to investigate the Greek Orthodox Church` Jerusalem bargainIMEMC & Agencies - Christian leaders also called for immediate measures to end the full monopoly of non-Palestinian monks on the Patriarchate and its properties20/3/2005
Greek Orthodox Church sold an Old City square in Jerusalem to Jewish investorsIMEMC & Agencies - The square includes restaurants, shops and two hotels19/3/2005
The everyday of the occupationReports by the International Solidarity activists from the South Hebron Hills21/3/2005
In Budrus: `Army photographed 10-year-olds`Efrat Weiss - YNET News - Palestinians say children were taken out of their homes and photographed on the streets in the middle of the night by soldiers. Israeli army raids Palestinian village of Budrus after local residents cause severe damage to West Bank security fence20/3/2005
Beit Hanina - a ghetto under constructionKhaled Odetalah - a sociologist and a spokesperson for Beit Hanina residents - "A history of injustice, continuous land confiscation, and the wall (1967-2005)"20/3/2005
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) wounded a citizenin Anabta and arrested another in Tulkarem CityWAFA - Isreli occupation forces shot dead an 18 yeals old Palestinian in Anata and arrested a 17 years old in Tul Karem17/3/2005
Breaking the Silence: “Petah-Tikvah does not know Hebron” Chen Kotas-Bar - nrg/Maariv - Excerpts from the diary of a soldier on occupation duty in Hebron17/3/2005
`Shministim` letterA letter by a group of Israeli high school students: "We the undersigned, Israeli girls and boys, believing in the values of democracy, humanism and pluralism, hereby declare that we shall refuse to take part in the occupation and repression policy adopted by the Government of Israel."16/3/2005
Hundreds Participate in PPC`s Anti Wall ProtestPPC - Palestinian protesters marching in Ramallah call for Just Peace and condemn Israel`s unilateral actions16/3/2005
Trial of Rami Mustafa todayTa`ayush - "Rami Mustafa from Budrus was arrested right after a demonstration against the separation fence"16/3/2005
Women`s protest in Bil`in village against the Apartheid WallKeren - Indymedia - First women`s demonstration against the Separation Wall in Bili`n village near Ramallah. Border Police shot tear gas at demonstartors14/3/2005
The women of Bil`in say "no more!""Two days after the men of the Bil`in came out in protest of the construction of Israel`s separation wall, the women held their own demonstration today." From an International Solidarity Mailing14/3/2005
False Arrest and Brutal Interrogation of Peace Activist Muhammad TanjiWindows Israeli-Palestinian Friendship Center-Indymedia -Call for Action:Join the Israeli and International Committee to Free Muhammad Tanji 14/3/2005
Sign a petition in support of young refusniks"We, the undersigned, wish to bring our support and admiration for the 250 youth who sent a letter to the Prime Minister this week, in which they declared their refusal to serve the policy of occupation in the Occupied Territories..."19/3/2005
The Price of an OrangeFor Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall. By Starhawk. "I am writing this as we approach the anniversary of two murders. And I find myself thinking about an orange, a ghost orange, growing on a branch on a ghost tree that no longer stands.." 11/3/2005
U.K. cameraman killing case closedIDF attorney tells family two-year internal probe had not uncovered proof of wrongdoing and IDF soldiers would not be put on trial By Hanan Greenberg, YNET 10/3/2005
Nablus rocked by clashOmar Karmi, Palestine Report9/3/2005
Israeli military commander threatens At-Tuwani shepherdsBy Kim Lamberty, CPT. At-Tuwani 10/3/2005
Kofi Annan`s Visit this coming Monday and TuesdayAngela Godfrey - Protest letter to Kofi Annan who will be here next week and WILL NOT BE VISITING THE WALL. Neither is there any agenda so far for him to be briefed by anyone about the Wall 12/3/2005
Hebron: Who is responsible?Christy Bischoff, Christian Peacemaker Teams11/3/2005
Budrus tears down the Wall! For immediate release, by the International Solidarity11/3/2005
`Hebron: the curfew continues ...` Hebron: settlers, soldiers continue to harass Palestinians: Fadil Atawna, al-Ayyam, 10 March 200511/3/2005
Israeli military orders to seize 26 dunams of land in Dahyet Al-BareedAl-Quds- Israeli Supreme court expands its body to nine judges to look into appeals against the Wall in Al-Ram, Dahyet Al-Bareed and the villages of Shuqba and Boudrus – and more news10/3/2005
IOF demolishes apartment building and all of its contents in Nablus B`tselem Testimony: Randa Kababji, Mother of four describes how her home was demolished by the IOF (together with a whole building) claiming wanted activists are inside, Nablus, January 2005 9/3/2005
Hundreds of Palestinians non-violently protest the impending theft of their land Palestine Monitor5/3/2005
“Verifying killing to the very end”In the IDF maybe they deny it, but kill-verifying is a procedure to which all combat soldiers are educated. Breaking the Silence. Chen Kotas-Bar, nrg/Maariv 8 March 2005 8/3/2005
Jayyous - the stealing of the lands and olive treesA detailed map of the land theft8/3/2005
Non-Violent Protest against the Apartheid Wall construction on Palestinian landPalestine Monitor - Hundreds of Palestinians non-violently protest the impending theft of their land and property by the Apartheid Wall and illegal settlement expansion in west Ramallah region 5/3/2005
JAYYOUS – Full CircleAngela Godfrey-Goldstein. News from Within 7/3/2005
Israeli settlers occupy a Palestinian village...nonviolently?Justin Alexander, Christian Peacemaker Teams. "Qawawis, 3 miles from CPT`s base in at-Tuwani, was abandoned 3 years ago because of harassment from settlers in the nearby Avigal outpost (which is illegal even in the eyes of the Israeli government). Last week, encouraged by CPT`s presence, the village was re-inhabited by its four families (50 people in total)..."5/3/2005
How the `Peace Process` looks in the Gaza StripPCHR* Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories - 24 Feb.- 02 Mar. 2005 5/3/2005
Israelis come to At-TuwaniArt Gish, the Christian Peacemaker Teams 4/3/2005
A boy is telling of the death of his friend. Testimony reported by B`tselem, together with statistics on Palestinian civilian casualties4/3/2005
“Every Hebrew Mother Should Know”Participants in the Officer Training Course go into action in a village in the Occupied Territories and find themselves attaching eight-year-old children to an electricity pole with handcuffs, for as long as half a day. Breaking the silence. Chen Kotas-Bar, NRG/Maariv, 1 March 20055/3/2005
The Wall and the CheckpointSam Bahour - El Bireh, Occupied Palestine4/3/2005
Why do they do it?Mansour from Beit Sourik tries to explain what happens when a peaceful and non-violent Palestinian demonstration against the wall is met with the brutality of the Occupation forces4/3/2005
Palestinian Youth Arrested in Nonviolent Demonstration against the Apartheid WallNeta Golan reports from the occupied Palestinian Territory4/3/2005
Israeli Soldier Sentenced Only to Four Months for the Deliberate Killing of an Innocent PalestinianPalestine Monitor - One of the harshest sentences given to an Israeli soldier during the Second Intifada3/3/2005
Curfew and closure in Salem, Nablus DistrictISM Media - Urgent News dispatch3/3/2005
Israel renews Wall construction in Salfit district ISM Media - Call for ACTION3/3/2005
Full report about the children murdered and wounded in Beituniya Aya Kaniuk, MachsomWatch2/3/2005
Towards a More Secure Future: UN Agencies Operating in the Occupied Palestinian Territory Call for Action in Improving the Situation of Palestinian WomenSource: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)8/3/2005
Beit Surik update. Whose violence?The military court decided yesterday to detain the mayor of Beit Surik until the end of the proceedings against him despite protest from his Israeli neighbors in Mevaseret Zion. Kandil is being accused of attacking Israeli border Policeman Shachar Yizchaki much to the disbelief of all who know him.. Yizchaki, an officer in the Border Police, who claims that the mayor attacked him, is well known for his methods of dealing with protesters. 8/3/2005
For the "crime" of solidarity with PalestiniansHow an ISM activist was almost expelled. 8/3/2005
The Vision of a Blind Woman Sami Abu Salem - writing from Occupied Gaza9/3/2005
Demand the Return of Gaza Students to Birzeit UniversityISM - In November 2004, four Birzeit University students from Gaza were forcibly removed from their studies in the West Bank and illegally deported to the Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation Army.9/3/2005
How do we get our strength?Mansour - Meeting Abu Ali has helped me realize one of the strengths of the Palestinian people, how our parents and the generations before them support their children. 9/3/2005
Palestinian women `suffer doubly`BBC News Online - Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority have been told to end the suffering of Palestinian women in a report by Amnesty International. 31/3/2005
Praying in Hebron a security nightmare for PalestiniansSamih Chahine - Agence France Presse - "Stop. Walk forward. Lift your shirt. ID card". Such are the orders Israeli soldiers bark out to Muslims herded through frightening security checks to pray at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. 31/3/2005
Symbol of Land Calls for Peace MIFTAH - "For centuries, the olive tree has dotted the stony Palestinian hillsides, feeding generations and representing the livelihood of a nation."30/3/2005
Yom al Ard in Bethlehem Juliette G. - bethlehemghetto.blogspot - description of the Land Day demonstration30/3/2005
Palestinian Hillside Poisoned, Likely By Maon and Havat Maon Operation Dove - Palestinian shepherds of At-Tuwani discovered that the hillside next to Havat Maon outpost was covered in tiny green poison pellets, affecting more than 20 dunam of grazing land 23/3/2005
Nahaleen residents served with evacuation warningsShihad - Bethelehem Bloggers - Last night the Israeli occupation forces served evacuation warnings to the residents of the village of Nahaleen. The targeted area is uninhabited but planted with olive trees.22/3/2005
New Website Features Voices from the Bethlehem GhettoBethlehem - Occupied Palestine - A new web portal launched these days features voices from one of the most famous newly born ghettos - Bethlehem. 22/3/2005
Poison Pellets spread on hillside where Palestinian sheep grazeThe Christian Peacemaker Team reports from At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills22/3/2005
No surprise; Palestinian photographer wins the most sad photo prize IMEMC - "The photo captured by the Palestinian TV producer Abdul-Rahman Al-Humran, shows three young girls weeping in sorrow for their brother, who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the city of Rafah in Gaza"19/3/2005
Wadi Al Salqa: A prison within a prisonYasser Baraka - Middle East Times - "The truce does not exist here. No one can guarantee his own safety," 69-year-old Fahmi Abu Mugheiseeb said, as he sat in his house in Wadi Al Salqa, a small isolated village southeast of the central Gaza Strip town of Deir Al Balah. 22/3/2005
Children of Bil`in protest the WallISM - The children of Bil`in had their own demonstration (March 20) to protest against the theft of their village`s land by the Wall and the construction of Israeli settlements.22/3/2005
Settlers attack shepherds near At-TuwaniOM - A group of about 100 women, children and armed settler men verbally attacked Palestinians from the village, shouting at and spitting on the Palestinians22/3/2005
Campaign to free Palestinian mother prisoner Manal and her son NourAddameer - Prisoners` Support and Human Rights Association launched a campaign demanding the immediate release of Palestinian female prisoner Manal Naji Mahmoud Ghanim, 29 years old from Tulkarem, and her child Nour, 1 and a half years old, imprisoned since 17 April 2003.22/3/2005
Life of the homeless in RafahLink to . The home of these people was demolished in the fall 2003. More than 24000 Palestinians have been made homeless by Israeli house demolitions.. Rafah has been especially badly affected (UN/OCHA).19/3/2005
Thousands of settlers rally against disengagementSaed Bannoura -IMEMC18/3/2005
Israeli Forces Hand Over Jericho to the Palestinians Miftah17/3/2005
Funeral in BudrusA funeral in Budrus led to an army incursion and the injury and arrest of several villagers. Budrus is apparently being punished for its residents` resistance to the Separation Wall. Ofra Katz - Mahsomwatch18/3/2005
Settlers` harassment at Tulth is getting worse Settlers from El-Matan and Maale-Shomron destroy olive trees and a well and bar a Palestinian farmer from his own land - Ofra Katz - Mahsomwatch 18/3/2005
DiarySaree Makdisi. "It was on the way up to Qalandya, on the edge of metropolitan Jerusalem, that I got my first glimpse of the separation barrier. " 2/3/2005
“Nablus: incursions into Balata and Askar camps and continuation of the siege on Iraq Burin” Rumal Shahur al-Suwayti, al-Hayat al-Jadida, 23 February 2005 2/3/2005
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