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Air Force pounds Gaza targets
Hanan Greenberg

(VIDEO) More assassinations on the way? The Air Force struck at a series of Gaza Strip targets early Thursday, with army officials saying operations in the area will continue in an attempt to target terror activists.

A gunship fired missiles at a structure used as a weapons warehouse for the Popular Resistance Committees in the Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. Palestinian sources said the strike targeted the home of senior group member Amar Karmut. The man was not hurt, but a family member sustained wounds.

Several minutes later, missiles were fired at a structure used as an Islamic Jihad office in the town of Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip. Earlier, the Air Force attacked rocket launching sites in the town of Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Strip.

Wednesday evening, following the assassination of four Popular Resistance committees members said to be en route to carrying out a large-scale attack and the failed targeted killing of a senior Islamic Jihad figure, security officials held a series of consultations regarding continued operations in the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank.

`The attempt to hit Islamic Jihad activists this evening again relayed the message that no one is immune, and everyone involved in terror could be hurt,` an IDF source said.

The army does not view the unsuccessful assassination attempt as a `failure`, and views both the failed attempted and the successful strike earlier as one operation.

`We prefer that terrorists are busy hiding from us and being afraid of us than launching rockets or planning attacks,` one source said.

Qassam strikes

Hours after the assassination of the four Palestinians, Palestinians fired two Qassam rockets into Israel which landed in an open field in the southern town of Sderot. Overall, five Qassam launchings were identified.

No one was injured and no damages were caused, police said.

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