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New Apartheid Wall construction in two villages near Ramallah

23 February 2005
PNGO Information Clearinghouse
The Palestine Monitor

New Apartheid Wall construction in two villages near Ramallah - New Israeli measures to isolate and annex East Jerusalem

Three days ago Israel began building a new section of its illegal Apartheid Wall in the Palestinian villages of Bil`in and Saffa west of Ramallah. Six Israeli bulldozers along with Israeli occupation forces have started breaking ground on Palestinian private property in preparation for laying the foundations of the structure.

The Wall in this area is up to six kilometers from the Green Line, deep inside West Bank territory. It will isolate about 50% of the two villages` land behind the Wall, separating villagers from their olive trees and agricultural and grazing lands. Workers there will also not be able to reach Israel to go to work.

If the Wall is completed here, 25,000 Palestinians in eight villages will be trapped inside a ghetto with just one exit toward Ramallah, according to Nasif al-Deek of the National Committee Against the Wall. Hundreds of the 6,000 residents of Bil`in and Saffa will lose their land to Israel`s ongoing state-sponsored theft.

Yesterday was the third day of civil protests against this illegal policy. In the past three days, many Palestinians were injured when Israeli soldiers fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the peaceful protesters. Ten Palestinians were injured yesterday during a demonstration in Saffa.

Today (23 February) Palestinian civil activists plan to march from Al Manara Square in the center of Ramallah to the UN center in Ramallah. They will present the UN with a letter protesting its continuing failure to take any steps on the ground to uphold the ICJ resolutions and stop the building of the Wall on Palestinian land.

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