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Israel, North, direct action against the war in Lebanon
Ilan Shalif
Aug 8 2006

Antiauthoritarian anticapitalist direct action initiative* made its point to day. It was mentioned by the main radio news channel, it was also in electronic media. Pictures from Direct action against the war, Ramat David Israeli Air Forces base, 8/8/06, Israel at - Hebrew article at and also,7340,L-3288042,00.html

12 activists of the left were arrested in demonstration in front of the air force base. About 25 activists stood this morning (Tuesday) in front the Ramat David base carrying placards on which was written: `stop killing of civilians`, `stop the war crimes`. They called for immediate cease fire and releasing all the prisoners and war prisoners.

They were confronted by police and 12 were arrested. Hagay Matar: `from this base fly daily pilots who murder innocent citizens. Instead of arresting the war criminals, the police decided to transform us to criminals` [Hagai with 4 others were sentenced to more than two years in prison and served it till about a year ago for refusing to serve the mandatory 3 years of in the Israeli army nearly all 18 years olds are subject to.]

The demonstration was without permit, and police force who came from the near by town Migdal Haemek police station arrested 12 of the demonstrators who confronted them on the suspicion of disturbing the public order, obstructing traffic, and unlawful demonstration.

One of the arrested demonstration - Jonathan Polak, who was arrested too during that activity told YNET that the the demo near the air force base is because: `this base is responsible for war crimes - airplanes that take of this base drop bombs on civilians.` He added `according to law we must stop these war crime - otherwise we will be regarded as accomplices to these crimes`. He added that the war in Lebanon is a war of choice that must be stopped. `This is a war of choice that have no connection to the kidnapped soldiers or the efforts to release them` this war is part of the efforts to redesign the middle East.

Hagai Matar, activist of the comity against war crimes who demonstrated too, said: `We came to block the war crimes initiated daily from this place by pilots who murder innocent citizens and destroy infrastructure. We totally object to inflicting harm to citizens of both sides. The Israeli army go to war that also harm us - the Israeli society`. About the arrest Matar said: ` we lied down on the road and blocked the entrance to the base. When the police came we told them to arrest the war criminals, but they chose to transform us to criminals and arrested us`. The police informed that the suspects will be interrogated and will be brought to court for extension of the arrest period.
* Haarez daily on-line report that in this action were
about 40 activists and is action of the Israeli Anarchists
Against The Wall initiative.

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