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Solidarity visit to Palestinian families in Hebron-Friday, March 30, Saturday April 21
By Bnei Avraham


Last week the settlers in Hebron and Quiryat Arba, moved into a huge house located on the way from Quiryat Arba to the old city of Hebron. They claimed they purchased the house legally through a third party. The owner claimed he never sold the house. Never the less, the deal was never approved by the defense minister as required for any real estate deal in the occupied territories.
The house can contain tens of families and establishments and populating it with settlers is going to affect the hard as it is life, of the near by families.

The presence of this new Jewish settlement in the city would definitely mean a significant step towards full Apartheid in H2. Occupied Hebron history shows us that in no time at all the Palestinian business in the area will be forced to close and that the daily life will be further restricted. As a result, more Palestinian will have to leave their houses to look for decent life elsewhere.

Bnei Avraham are acting to convince the public that this is a wrong move that will force the dreadful racist occupation on many more Palestinian families in the city of Hebron.

We are calling the defense minister Mr. Peretz : Evacuate this settlement immediately.

Please come and take part in solidarity and protest tour to Hebron to meet with Palestinian families that undergo daily harassment by the Settlers of Hebron and to understand how the only democracy in the Middle East can inflict such an Apartheid regime.

The tour will take place on Friday March 30.

For details call Amos Goldberg: Tel: 0505223432

Bnei Avraham

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