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Nonviolent Organizer Arrested in Um Salamuna
by PSP (Palestine Solidarity Project)
April 13, 2007
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Today Yusef Abu Maria, an organizer from Popular Committee of Beit Omar and the Palestine Solidarity Project(PSP) was arrested by the Israeli Occupation Forces(IOF). He is currently being held at the police station in the Gush Etzion settlement. Yusef was previously arrested last summer and held for 3 days for `housing internationals` and has been targeted as an organizer of nonviolent demonstrations

Yusef was clearly targeted by the IOF from the beginning of today`s demonstration in Um Salamuna. He was arrested while peacefully seated on the ground. Initially the IOF said Yusef would be released today, however when fellow demonstrators arrived at the police station in Gush Etzion they were notified that Yusef is being charged and that he will be kept in jail until he can be seen by a judge. The IOF are refusing to tell Yusef`s lawyer what what he is being charged with and will not permit her to meet with him until Sunday. As a result, Yusef will be held for at least 4 days before any action can be taken, and there is the potential that he will not be seen by a judge for the next 8 days.

We are currently raising money to support legal costs. We will need approximately US$2000. Please donate - and include a message that your donation is to cover Yusef`s legal costs.

Cash and cheque donations can be made by contacting Bekah Wolf of PSP at 00-972-54-6387039/

In order to make a PayPal donation go to

Today`s demonstration was a continuation of over 3 months of weekly demos in Um Salamuna where community members and people from the surrounding areas are nonviolently resisting construction of the annexation wall. This week`s demonstration exhibited a clear escalation of the tactics of the Israeli Occupation Forces to intimidate demonstrators and quell resistance. A commanding officer today said that if demonstrations do not ceased that `it would only get worse.`
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