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Solidarity concert brings together Jewish, Palestinian neighbors
By Daphna Berman
Haaretz, 04/05/2007

Jewish residents of areas bordering the East Jerusalem village of Jabal Mukaber came out this week in support of their Palestinian neighbors with `a concert of hope.` The event was organized with the objective of showing solidarity with the residents of the Sheikh Sa`ad neighborhood, which may be cut off from the rest of the village because of the controversial separation barrier.

Pulled together by the Arab-Jewish Center of Jabal Mukaber, which operates under the slogan `neighbors to neighbors,` the concert and reception drew some 300 people, half Jewish and half Palestinian.

`The wall would separate people from their families, the center of their lives, their source of livelihood and their medical facilities,` said Hillel Bardin, a resident of Talpiyot-Arnona and one of the event organizers. `We`re seeking an alternative route around the village rather than through it. If security can be achieved without destroying these people`s lives, it is certainly preferable.`


Though the courts have previously nullified the route of the barrier that would have divided the village, the Defense Ministry has appealed this decision. The court`s final verdict is expected in the coming days.

The event drew residents from Jerusalem neighborhoods such as Talpiyot, Arnona, Armon Hanatziv and Baka, including a high concentration of Anglo participants and organizers.

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