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Birzeit Heritage Week

By The Rozana Association

The Palestinian culture is in a sea of emotions and solidarity

From Birzeit To Jerusalem , we are one proud nation

It is important to remind ourselves that hope is spiritual and a human right for all of us. The little town of Birzeit decided to be in the front of providing hope to the Palestinian people in a time of confusion, division and sadness.

The Roazana Association in Birzeit is organizing a heritage week in the coming 10 days. The Association extends its sincere invitations to your respected networks and media outlets to join us for 10 days of Palestinian cultural festivals, music, food and heritage

The Birzeit Heritage Week:

This event is organized by the Rozana Association, in cooperation and partnership with a number of other Birzeit organizations, in order to promote the preservation and development of the old town`s fabric of houses, attics, courtyards, and alleys.

The Rozana Association vision is to develop the old town of Birzeit into a bustling centre of business and activity. Connecting Birzeit with its neighbouring villages, particularly those lying on the Jericho route through Taybeh Village , is another part of the jigsaw. This should ultimately put Birzeit on the heritage and rural tourism map of Palestine .

The Event

Birzeit Heritage Week events will take place on July 26 and 27, 2007. This is expected to become an annual event and will include a variety of Palestinian and international exhibits and presentations such as traditional handcrafts, food, drink, and music. Guests will walk through the old town`s designated streets starting from the Greek Orthodox Church towards the backyard of the Catholic Church where folkloric dance and music performances will be held. Exhibits are expected to open from 5pm-10pm both nights.

For more information, please read the link below:


Contact person: Mr. Raed Saadeh at therozana@gmail. com 0545696220


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