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Don`t say we did not know 76
Amos Gvirtz
October 5
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Settlers from the area of Havat Maon, in the South Hebron Hills, continue to attack Palestinian residents of Tuba, in order to expell them from their village and land. On Sunday, 23rd September, 2007, in the late afternoon, ten settlers entered Tuba and started to attack the villagers. For nearly an hour, they threw stones at them, their homes and property, and hit a woman and her son. At 17:30 human rights activists summoned the police to the village. The police only arrived at 19:30, long after the attackers had left.

On Tuesday 25th September, 2007, clerks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs again came to the village of Twail Abu Jarwal, and delivered demolition orders to all the houses there.

Meanwhile, the Green Patrol has demolished, again, the tent of Nuri ElUqbi. Since Nuri started his protest on his village land, the authorities have demolished his tent numerous times. Nuri is determined to continue his struggle so his people regain their land.

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