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Update on military harassment of Hebron Schools and Orphanages
By JoAnne Lingle
CPT Hebron
15 Apr, 2008
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On 7 April the Israeli High Court granted the Israeli military an indefinite delay to provide full justification for the closure of the Hebron Girls and Boys schools and orphanages as well as other properties owned by the Islamic Charitable Society (ICS).

On 11 April, CPTer Alwyn Knight and a translator, Rasheed Rasheed, went to the Hebron Girls School and Orphanage to take photos for a web site. Two Israeli soldiers had entered the sewing workshop of the school at 10:30 that morning, taking photos of the inventory, looking at the sewing machines and other equipment. Hundreds of beautifully sewn coats and dresses are hung there as well as other sewn items on the shelves. The soldiers also visited the Al Huda Shopping Mall where there was an exhibition of the students sewing. The soldiers told the students their exhibit had to be removed by Sunday, 13 April.

The soldiers told the school staff the orphans should leave the orphanage on Friday, 11 April but could return on Sunday, 13 April. It is usual for the children to leave from Friday to Sunday every two weeks from Friday to Sunday to visit relatives.

On 11 April, CPTer JoAnne Lingle and Mary Anne Grady-Flores, friend of the team, with translator, Rasheed, visited the Al Shariyah Girls School and Orphanage. The orphanage was empty, the children having left to stay with relatives for the weekend. They observed the sewing workshop where the soldiers had been. The door was not sealed shut and it appeared that nothing had been disturbed or taken by the soldiers the previous day.

From there, they went to the Al Huda Shopping Mall. Since it was after noon prayers on Friday, the shops were closed. None of the doors were sealed shut.
At the Golden Medal Supermarket and the Rahma Bakery, both stores on the street level of a 30 apartment building owned by the ISC, the shopkeepers said that four soldiers were there that day, 11 April and told them their shops must be vacated by Sunday, 13 April. Two of the soldiers were officers, one being the Hebron Deputy Military commander. The soldiers took photos inside the shops and outside the building.

Monday night, 14 April, soldiers entered the Rahma Bakery and took all the display cases, refrigerators, fixtures, equipment and most of the inventory, leaving an oven that they wrecked. Upstairs the soldiers destroyed heating ducts. This bakery provided bread for the orphanages.

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