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Human Rights groups deliver medical aid to Gaza
By Saed Bannoura
May 14, 2008

Human Rights and Peace groups managed to send a convoy of medical supplies to the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. The convoy arrived at the Sofa Trade Crossing, the Palestine News Network reported.

The convoy includes laboratory and dental equipment. The equipment was sent to the Red Crescent headquarters in Gaza, and the Gaza-European Hospital.

The Palestinian campaign for Ending the Siege on Gaza thanked all parties who helped in easing part of the suffering of the Palestinian people on Gaza, as they are still facing harsh conditions due to the ongoing Israeli siege.

On Sunday, Gaza plunged into darkness as its only power plant had to shut down due to the lack of fuel.

The ongoing siege on the Gaza Strip led to the death of 140 patients, including children and elderly. On Wednesday, April 30, a four-months old Palestinian infant, identified as Naseem Al Biok died at a local hospital in Gaza.

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