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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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`Breaking the Silence` appeals to Supreme Court - call for support
Breaking the Silence

To our friends and supporters,

Over the last three years `Breaking the Silence` has been conducting guided tours in Hebron. In these weekly tours, more than 5000 people have already participated, among them Knesset members, foreign diplomats, journalists and ordinary citizens. The tours provide a unique first-hand encounter of the occupation and are thus an indispensable tool for generating a democratic and responsible debatBreaking the about the current political situation.

For 12 weeks now the IDF has decided to eliminate these tours. Our tours are identified as `leftists` and block before entering the city under the guise of preventing `friction`. Admittedly, there is no concern that participants in the tours will threaten the public peace. On the contrary, the fear (as we have recorded some police personnel saying) is that our tours will be attacked by settlers.
Indeed, there is room for fear of violence. Our tours have been attacked repeatedly by Hebron settlers, which attacks have grown increasingly more violent. Starting with shouts and loud music to interrupt our tours and escalating to stone throwing, egg throwing and sheer physical force in order to stop the tours. Despite dozens of complaints at the Hebron police nothing has been done about any of these attacks (some of which are well documented).
By an unreasonable and illegal order, the regional commander, Brigadier Gen. Udi Ben Moha (commander of the Hebron region) gave the violent settlers their wishes in the form of a military decree. Despite many attempts at reaching an agreement, facilitated by the State Prosecutor`s office and under the hospice of the Supreme Court, the situation has not improved as the military has failed to carry out its part in the agreements. We see no way to avoid regarding this unfortunate decision as not only a surrender of law enforcement to violent criminals, but also as a form of political repression. Gen. Ben Moha and Police Commander Avshalom Peled have chosen the easy way of avoiding confrontation with criminals over the rule of law and justice and have thus betrayed their fundamental commitment.
To counter this dangerous and undemocratic measure we have appealed to the Supreme Court for aid. We firmly believe that not only the future of our activities are on the line this time, but also the very viability of free speech, freedom of movement and equal liberty regardless of political affiliation in Israel.

The future of this region depends on the willingness of different peoples to recognize the predicaments of others and this in turn requires the fostering of open debate and criticism. This moral struggle is also a legal one and as such demands great resources. We appeal to you at this time for your support in this important struggle.

Donations can be by checks made out to `Breaking the Silence` and mailed to:
P.O. Box 68150` zip: 91681 Jerusalem, Israel

Or by bank order to:
`Shovrim Shtika` Account number 340219 Branch 608 at Hapoalim Bank, SWIFT code: POALILIT, Arlozorov Tel- Aviv

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