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Christmas Tree Lit in Protest Tent in Jerusalem
By Saed Bannoura
IMEMC News and PNN
December 24, 2008

Archbishop Moneeb Younan, of the Lutheran Church in the Holy Land and Jordan, lit a Christmas tree on Tuesday in a protest tent in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem. He was joined by Jerusalem governor, Adnan Al Husseini and resident Um Kamel Al Kurd.

Al Kurd was forced out of her home by extremist Israeli settlers. Since then, the Israeli authorities have removed her protest tent a total of three times.

Archbishop Younan said that this feast should be the time that human rights are returned, and the oppressed have a taste of freedom and justice.

Dozens of residents, including children, attended the symbolic act. The children in atendance received gifts.

Governor Al Husseini gave his best wishes to the Christians celebrating Christmas, today we celebrate the birth of Christ while his essence is passing through this historical place. He added that the Palestinians; Muslims and Christians, are facing oppression by the Israeli occupation, and are determined to remain steadfast in their land.

On his side, Archbishop Younan said, we are lighting this tree because we are looking towards the light of peace and justice, and we believe that peace starts in Jerusalem. Today`s symbolic act resembles the Palestinian unity, the unity of Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem for thousands of years.

Meanwhile, Um Kamel said that she will never forget this night, and expressed hopes that the coming feats for Muslims and Christians will be celebrated with prevailing peace and justice in the region.

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