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AIC condemns deadly attacks on Gaza, calls for civil society mobilization, international sanctions
Woman injured by Israeli bombing in Gaza
AIC Condemns Deadly Attacks on Gaza, Calls for Civil Society Mobilization, International Sanctions
AIC Condemns Deadly Attacks on Gaza, Calls for Civil Society Mobilization, International Sanctions Print E-mail
Written by The Alternative Information Center (AIC)
Saturday, 27 December 2008
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A Palestinian woman being transported after being wounded during Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City, 27 December.
Alternative Information Center
27 December 2008

The Alternative Information Center (AIC) condemns todays deadly attack by the Israeli Air Force on the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the killing of (at this moment) over 150 Palestinians. The AIC calls on social movements throughout the world to mobilize against these Israeli war crimes and demands that the international community implement sanctions against Israel and indict Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak and other Israeli political and military leadership for these blatant war crimes, committed as part of Israels election process.

Israels military attack on the Gaza Strip is not, as Israel is attempting to claim today, retaliation against Gazan resistance to the Israeli occupation and ongoing siege of the Gaza Strip, but part of a publicly admitted political goal of eliminating the Hamas government in Gaza. Israel is exploiting the last moments of the Bush administration to implement the deadly but ineffective neoconservative policies of utilizing military force to effect political change.

Demonstrations against the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip are planned for the major cities of the West Bank, and a joint Palestinian-Israeli demonstration will be conducted tonight in Tel Aviv.

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