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9 suspected of attacking Nazareth Arabs
The Jerusalem Post
Jan 26, 2009 Print Subscribe

Nine youngsters have been arrested for allegedly carrying out nationalistically-motivated attacks on Arabs and their property in Upper Nazareth, police said Monday.

The group, consisting of two 22-year-old men and seven teens between the ages of 15 and 18, is suspected of violently assaulting Arab residents of the city, as well as torching cars belonging to Arabs and trying to set fire to their homes.

Police said the nine would be brought for a remand extension hearing later Monday at the Nazareth Magistrate`s Court.

Most of the suspects had been arrested in the past for allegedly throwing stones at Arabs, but they were released without charge due to lack of evidence.

Police said they were investigating whether the youngsters acted independently or whether they were dispatched by a racist organization.

Police Northern District chief Cmdr. Shimon Koren vowed to bring all those involved in the attacks to justice.

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