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“He’s already cutting the coupon”

*The disengagement - a typical Sharon bluff* -- B.Michael, in Yediot Aharonot, Jan. 1, 2005

“He’s already cutting the coupon”

B. Michael,7340,3028064,00.html

The true meaning of the disengagement plan could be understood on the day it was born. The circumstances that brought the plan into the world, the personality of he who conceived it, our cumulative experience with his dishonesty, his methods and his beliefs made it transparent and clear to all whose eyes
are not closed and are not ready to fall (again) for the “New Sharon” line.

Those who had not yet figured out for themselves the meaning of the disengagement were given had another chance to improve their understanding. In an interview – that clearly got out of control – that Attorney Weisglas gave to Ari Shavit in Haaretz, he outlined with honesty and an almost childlike pride the details of the truth lurking behind Sharon’s plan.

Those who persist in refusing to understand what the plan is about even after Weisglas’ confession could learn it from the mouth of Sharon himself. Again and again, on innumerable occasions, the Prime Minister outlined his true intentions in detail, the unconcealed principle of which is: “we will return
half a finger to them so we can keep the rest of the hand for ourselves.”

Indeed Mr. Sharon pedantically reiterated with religious devotion his commitment to Bush’s “Road Map”, but between the lines, and even in the lines themselves, his version of this map emerges clearly, and it is – appropriately for Sharon – a “Map of Winding Roads” that do not lead anywhere, except to any
walls that happen to cross their path.

And to those who still persist in not understanding despite all that has been said above, I invite them to pull their heads out of the sand long enough to peer around them at what’s going on in the territories of the empire. They will see there without any difficulty how Sharon has already started to “cut the first coupons” of the disengagement plan.

Under cover of excited preoccupation with his plan, and under the umbrella of silence that soi-disant leftists have imposed on themselves (whether from exhilaration at receiving the seat of deputy to King Arik, or from lust finally to occupy the halls of power), Sharon returned to his mischief. Self-restraint and postponing gratification were never among his strong points. Not only has there been no let-up of construction in the settlements; it has flourished. The southern route of the fence [the separation wall – trans] has already jumped to the east, again it is stealing Palestinian lands, again it’s trying to annex some settlements, again it’s locking thousands of people in jails or enclaves.

“Disengagement”, even before it passed the talking and planning stage, is already playing the role intended for it: Sharon can do whatever he wants, and
nobody will protest or say a word. Not in Israel, not in the world. The drivel about “disengagement” is transparent to everyone now. Even a blind, mute,
stupid and childish person can now see the real future. This is exactly what the next stage in Sharon’s comprehensive “Road Map” will look like: no solution, no peace, no negotiation – only a long-term license to steal lands and rights.

We can also see the true inclination of Sharon’s heart by comparing his actions on the West Bank with his actions regarding the disengagement. In the West Bank there is “action” in the full sense of that overused word: bulldozers bulldoze, trees are uprooted, fences are thrown up, houses are built, roads
are paved, millions of shekels are fervently buried among the rocks. Regarding the disengagement, on the other hand, Sharon meticulously (so far) executes only the verbal and oral parts: discussions, votes, legislative proposals, creation of Committees, Administrations and think-tanks, resolute speeches and coalition combinations. In terms of action, nothing has happened and nothing is happening. No settlement budget has been cut, no evacuation budget has been created, no area has been declared off-limits to right-wing hooligans, no settlement outpost has been removed even for the sake of appearances, no
construction has been stopped and no road has been closed.

On the contrary: it is as if the government, the army and Sharon himself were trying to create problems, pressures, constraints and pretexts. The Prime Minister rebukes the settlers in the mildest language. The [armed forces] Chief of Staff meets with them and begs for his life. The police commander announces that if they increase their opposition he may not fulfill the mission. With fatuousness that is hard to match (unless it is deliberate), the government exhibits astonishing sensitivity in the face of the settlement leaders’ threat of military refusal instead of dealing with it with amused indifference, or at the most, procuring extra quantities of handcuffs.

For the purpose of the derisory truth, as matters appear today – the disengagement will not happen. The coalition, or the settlers, or the elections, or
terrorism, or the tsunami, or the landlord, or the dog … something will cwexempt us from this punishment. But this marginal fact will not prevent Ariel Sharon from milking it for all it’s worth. Because in his dream, he alone is the Jew worthy of turning the old joke on its head: he wants to serve rotten
fish, and to flog, and to expel from the town.

What can we do, the “disengagement” is a typical Sharon bluff. We have to support it, if only to call the bluff. But there’s no call to get excited about it. Because if it does take place, God willing or God forbid, there is no knowing if the damage will not be even greater.

Translation from Hebrew: M. Marshall
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