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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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NOW, please
By: Victoria Buch
Occupation Magazine
8 September 2005

I confess that I was rather surprised when the removal of Gaza settlements actually took place. I fully expected the usual train of Israeli provocations, followed by the usual Palestinian terror acts, followed by a full blown Israeli invasion of Gaza, with the usual propaganda refrain we wanted to give them everything but they only want to throw us to the sea.

It is perfectly clear that the disengagement soap opera served its purpose as a cover of the rape of the West Bank. Recently, the Israeli annexation-related activities were intensified by another order of magnitude. By now whole Palestinian villages are being destroyed, and their inhabitants chased out. Whining Gaza settlers filled the TV screens, so that public opinion overlooked the frantically erected walls, surrounding the Palestinian ghettoes. State-sponsored settler-bandits terrorizing the West Bank have not been prominently featured either.

Rumors of that forthcoming Gaza invasion were not substantiated. The actual realization of the Sharons Good Intentions is quite remarkable. Tania Reinhardt suggests that this time Uncle Sam stepped in and forced Sharons hand. I find this thought somewhat optimistic. If it is true thank you, Uncle Sam, thank you.

May I, as a concerned Israeli citizen, appeal to you and to your politician colleagues all over the world for more help? It is urgently needed, NOW.

Please request from the Israeli government to get out of the West Bank to the 67 borders NOW. Not pending Abu-Mazens crack-down on terror. As you all well know, Abu Mazen cannot crack-down on terror as long as the Israeli army controls the West Bank and denies weapons to his security forces. And Israeli policies in the Occupied Territories have nothing to do with the fight against terror (quite to the contrary), and everything to do with annexation designs.

Alternatively, please request from Israel to grant full citizenship to all Palestinians so desiring NOW. Make it clear that Israel can keep the West Bank only if it recognizes the rights of its inhabitants to the land. And request putting a stop to ongoing land robbery on behalf of settlers.

Request NOW that the Israeli government opens the Palestinian ghettoes, sets people free, and allows workers back to Israel. As this government has demolished the Palestinian economy, it should be held responsible for giving Palestinians work. And do not believe the eternal claim that terror will rise as a result. There is a much higher probability that a desperate unemployed person will engage in terror, than a gainfully employed one. And no walls will stop him/her. Some normal life and hope for the future will do a much better job.

And, Uncle Sam, kindly stop NOW the preposterous flow of US money and arms to the Israeli government. At present, the first priority of this government is settlement expansion in conjunction with imprisonment of Palestinians. These policies are very destructive for Palestinians, but also detrimental to the future of Israel. So please stop sponsoring them. Surely, New Orleans flood victims can put the money to better use.

And dear European Union, your help is badly needed too. I mean help, not charity. Sharon is establishing in the West Bank the largest scale ever human Zoo. Your designated role is feeding that Zoo. The people in Palestinian ghettoes are perfectly capable of supporting themselves, as long as they get back their fields and jobs. Please exert constant pressure on Israel in this direction. And do not be afraid to be called antisemites as a result. My Palestinian friends are Semites, too, and very much in need of your help.

Please, help NOW.
It is almost too late.


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