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"Cancer of occupation"
By Hugh Sykes (interviewing Victoria Buch)
BBC News
19 June 2008

(Ed. Note: The complete article includes interviews with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and Amotz Asa-El. See Web Site above.)

`Cancer of occupation`

At the opposite end of the Israeli political spectrum, Victoria Buch - a professor of chemistry and an anti-occupation activist - believes Israel `should negotiate with Hamas`.

About 400 Israeli families lost loved ones in a decade of Hamas suicide bomb attacks, on buses, in markets, at the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv.

Victoria Buch is adamantly opposed to such violence.

`The terrorist acts which Hamas perpetrated against Israel citizens were atrocious,` she emphasized, `and I am totally opposed to hurting unarmed people.`

She then cited the Jewish philosopher, Yeshayahu Leibovitch, who opposed holding onto Palestinian land after the 1967 war. He said the occupation was a cancer which would eventually destroy the state of Israel.

`I don`t want to live in fear,` said Victoria Buch. `If I beat you up now, you are going to become dangerous to me. But if we talk to each other on civil terms, that is the only safety from you that I can have.`

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