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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Friends, I think I finally got it about Sharon`s disengagement plan
By: Victoria Buch
Occupation Magazine
31 May 2005

(a) Sharon is - deliberately - pulling the rug from under the feet of Abu Mazen - see the link below to the article: `Israel is helping the rise of Hamas` (by a Labor Party Member of Knesset; mind you, I do not like these people at all). Meanwhile Sharon is lauded internationally for his peace intentions, and very little is written in the media about the horrific crunch to which Palestinians are subjected daily.

(b) People who lost everything and whose hopeless life is a string of misery embrace an ideology of hatred - that means Hamas. Abu Mazen would have a chance - a real chance - if he were able to bring Palestinians back their normal lives. Abu Mazen`s US visit made it clear that no such luck and Bush will do nothing substantial on his behalf. That means Abu-Mazen`s fall - sooner or later.

(c) Sharon is just `sitting out` Abu Mazen. Meanwhile removal of Gaza settlers can be easily postponed again and again `for a short time`. When Abu Mazen falls you will have completion of yet another Israeli entitled show `We wanted to give them everything but THEY only want to throw us to the sea`.

(d) I am afraid that this show is a prelude to much worse things. Our Prime Minister is a man of large scale imperial visions. From past evidence - given a chance - he happily organizes a large scale blood bath. The `We wanted to give them everything` prelude is a convenient starting point. And at present there is nobody to stop him. The Israeli mainstream public is in terminal stupor and overwhelmingly behind Sharon the Would-be Peacemaker. US Administration, Congress and Senate are in AIPAC`s pocket (literally). The cowardly EU has been cowed down - God forbid, if they do anything to save the Palestinians, they might be called antisemites. The `pro-Western` Arab regimes were bought out by the US. The Palestinian leadership - Fatah and Hamas - are fighting each other. The only people who would stand up for Palestinians are politically powerless human rights and anti-occupation activists.

Oh God, I so much wish to be wrong.

Victoria Buch.


Israel is helping the rise of Hamas
By Ephraim Sneh
30 May 2005

The writer is a Labor Party MK and chairman of the Knesset Subcommittee for Security Perception.

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