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Articles by Victoria Buch
The editors of Occupation Magazine are mourning the recent loss of our friend and co-editor, Professor Victoria Buch. Here are links to some articles and commentaries she wrote over the years.

“History and ‘morals’ of ethnic cleansing”, 6 January 2009. `I arrived in Israel 40 years ago. It took me many years to understand that the very existence of my country, as it is today, is based on an ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The project started many years ago. Its seed can be traced to the basic fallacy of the Zionist movement, which set out to establish a Jewish-national state in a location already inhabited by another nation. Under these conditions, one has, at most, a moral right to strive for a bi-national state; establishing a national state implies, more or less by definition, ethnic cleansing of the previous inhabitants.`

“Cancer of occupation”, 19 June 2008. `I don`t want to live in fear. If I beat you up now, you are going to become dangerous to me. But if we talk to each other on civil terms, that is the only safety from you that I can have.`

“The advancing ethnic cleansing”, September 2007. `The average Jewish-Israeli does not know - or does not want to know - about the ethnic cleansing program executed by their state - she or he prefers to think of it as `fight against terror`. Jewish-Israeli citizens live in virtual reality, thoughtfully provided for them by the leaders, the media, and the education system.`

“Editor’s comment”, 22 May 2007. `Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the current events is the disconnect from reality of the Israeli public, educated people included. We had a ceasefire with Hamas, which worked reasonably well. The ceasefire was deliberately broken by the Israeli leadership.`

“What for?” 22 April 2006. `Sometimes my country seems to be overtaken by suicidal frenzy. For example, recently, naked Palestinian prisoners were paraded in front of TV cameras in Jericho. This act cannot possibly bring any military advantage to the State of Israel. It can only make us hated by millions of Muslims all over the world. However, this act was carried out to enhance the popularity of the mainstream Kadima party before the elections. Have mainstream Israelis gone mad?`

“NOW, please”, 8 September 2005. `Please request from the Israeli government to get out of the West Bank to the 67’ borders – NOW. Not – “pending Abu-Mazen’s crack-down on terror”. As you all well know, Abu Mazen cannot crack-down on terror as long as the Israeli army controls the West Bank and denies weapons to his security forces. And Israeli policies in the Occupied Territories have nothing to do with the fight against terror (quite to the contrary), and everything to do with annexation designs.`

“Friends, I think I finally got it about Sharon’s disengagement plan”, 31 May 2005:

“What next?” 28 February 2005. `Since the beginning of the Intifada, Sharon has pursued a systematic policy of destroying lives of millions of Palestinians. This policy was directed towards (a) showing the Palestinians who is the boss, (b) breaking their spirit, and (c) disinheriting them on behalf of the settlement enterprise. One of the by-products, which is crucial for the perpetuation of this policy, is a steady flow of terror acts against Israeli civilians.`

“The peace process”, 24 February 2005. `On Saturday, a MachsomWatch delegation had an opportunity to observe this Peace Process in Progress in the West Bank. We visited At-Tuwani village in the South Hebron Hills. Palestinian shepherds who live there had to endure years of horrific harassment by nearby Maon settlers, and by the army. Faces of people bear traces of hardship; they reminded me of old photographs of poor Jews in Eastern European ghettos. On that morning, settler women set dogs on the Arab schoolchildren walking to the village elementary school. Luckily, the soldiers present there were of a better kind - they packed the kids into a jeep and drove off under a barrage of settler curses.`

“West Bank checkpoints: report and analysis”, 29 November 2003:
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