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Call to action: JNF in the service of the settlers; the Sumarin family in Silwan in immediate danger of eviction!
The stories of Palestinians living in Sheikh Jarrah, in Silwan and in other neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, are stories that are at once personal and national. Even as these Palestinians struggle for their right to stay in their houses and live normal lives, they are also standing at the front of the struggle against attempts to erase Palestinian identity from East Jerusalem, and against attempts by the settlers and the government to destroy all chances of a negotiated political agreement in Jerusalem.

In the last 20 years, the JNF has taken part in the transfer of Palestinian properties in East Jerusalem into the hands of the settlers. Dozens of acres of land and the homes of scores of Palestinians in Silwan have been transfered via legal processes to the JNF, and then passed along to the settler organization, ELAD.

In the coming days and weeks, three Palestinian more families in Silwan are likely to loose their houses.

How does the JNF work in service of thesettlers? Read – and sent it around to your lists!

In less than a week, on the 28th of November, the Sumarin family will be expelled from their home in the neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan. The court ruled in the absence of defense from the family. This eviction will be the first time in five years in which such an expulsion will be carried out in Silwan.

The eviction of a Palestinian family from their house in the middle of the highly sensitive Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, and the likely subsequent takeover of settlers, is likely to endanger the public in Jerusalem, and perhaps even in the region.

On 11/28, we are joining the residents of Silwan in their struggle –
and stopping the eviction!

1. Protest vigil in Silwan: This coming Friday, 11/25, at 12:30 PM

We will stand in solidarity with the residents of Silwan, in a struggle against the expulsion of the Sumarin family from their house. The vigil will take place next to the Sumarin house, which is directly next door to the Visitor Center of the City of David, run by ELAD.

From more information, call Dorit: 0525596500

2. Upcoming tours:

Monday, 11/28: Transport from Jerusalem: at 18:30 from the Aroman Cafe on Mount Scopus, by Hebrew U. Transport from Tel Aviv: At 15:30 from Masof El Al.

Thursday, 1/12: Transport from Jerusalem: 18:30 from the parking lot of Gan HaPaamon (the Bell Garden).

For more information and to sign up, call Zvi: 0524718490 or email him at

3. Help with the 24-hour vigils in the Sumarin House

The vigils will begin on 11/28.

To sign up call Moriel 0543157781 or Maya at 0528701145, or email Moriel at

To make a secure, tax deductible (in the US) online donation:

Bank transfers can be made to: Democracy Defense Fund Ltd. (cc), Bank Hapoalim (#12), Branch 574, 38 Hapalmach st., Jerusalem, Israel, Israeli account number: 12-574-254781, IBAN: IL56-0125-7400-0000-02540-781, SWIFT: POALILIT

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