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Cal For Action: Water Convoy to the Unrecognized Village of Tel-Arad

Join the Water Convoy to the Unrecognized Village of Tel-AradSaturday,
16 July 2005

76,000 Bedouin Citizens of Israel including 35, 000 children and babies suffer
from severe shortage of water, while their Jewish neighbors who live in small
localities enjoy a profusion of water for drinking and for agriculture.

The Israeli government treats the Bedouins of the Unrecognized Villages
as second class citizens and prevents them from obtaining basic services
such as housing, education, medical services, electricity,
garbage collection and running water.

Join Us On a Water Convoy to the Unrecognized Village of Tel-Arad


Tel-Aviv Reading Terminal at 9:30 a.m., with an additional stop at
Kastina Junction at 10:30 and Kama junction at 11:00am
(for further details, call Amos: 052-603 5685 or Yaacov 050-5733276 ).

Jerusalem - Gan Hapaamon (Liberty Bell Garden) at 9:30 am (for further details, call Meir: 054-434 5503).

For those of you travelling by private transport: we will meet
at Shoket junction (in the gas station) at 11:30am. From there we
will continue the short drive to the village

After the visit we will hear details on the state of the communities
living in the unrecognized villages in the Negev region.

Forum Hakara is a coalition of organizations that is working
towards the equality of civil rights and co-existence in the Negev.
The forum consists of the Council of Forty, the Israeli Committee
Against Housing Demolitions, Rabbis for Human Rights (do not participate
in the Saturdays activities), New Profile, The Negev
Coexistence Forum, Bustan, the AIC and Taayush.

For additional information please contact:

Ariel Dloomy 050-770 1118

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