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Thursday, Oct. 18th - Negev Bedouins strike and demonstrate to protest police brutality
Thursday, Oct. 18th - General Strike and protest demonstration by the Negev Bedouins

On Wednesday, October 10th, the residents of the recognized Bedouin village of Bir-Hadaj managed to prevent the entrance of the ministry of interior`s inspectors to the village, the inspectors arrived to hand out demolition orders to the residents. On Thursday October 11th, according to the residents` reports, the inspectors came back to the village accompanied by police forces. While the residents tried to deny their entrance and prevent the hand out of demolition orders, the policemen started shooting tear gas, rubber coated bullets and live ammunition. Several number of residents were injured and one women was evacuated to the hospital while the others were afraid to attend the hospital and get arrested there. Three residents got arrested. During the tear gas shooting, some of the gas infiltrated into the local school, and the teachers had to dismiss their classes in the middle of the day.
These events of police violence are related to more police brutality which occurred at the village two weeks ago, when during house demolitions the policemen started shooting sponge bullets and gas grenades. In addition, according to the residents, one of the bulldozers drivers spited on a resident.
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The Negev Arabs` Steering Committee announced a general strike on Thursday, October 18th, On the same day, there will be a big demonstration in front of the Interior Ministry`s offices in Be`er-Sheva at 10am

NCF invites everyone who supports the struggle against house demolitions to join the demonstration
.For further details, please contact Ofer: 050-9391299
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