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Hanan Ashrawi on the Israeli take-over of Jerusalem

Palestine News Network, 2:30 pm 29.07.05

PLC member Hanan Ashrawi spoke to PNN regarding the Israeli take-over of Jerusalem.

`You know, of course, this in my opinion is the continuation of the choking of Jerusalem and the destruction of Jerusalem as an Arabic city. Because this is in sync with the completion of the plan relating to besieging Jerusalem from settling and military and now by the Wall.

`The plan is complete with a plan to bulldoze the homes of Jerusalem Palestinians and their properties and also now there is another settling plan, also complete, inside Jerusalem, to divide it and to wipe out the Palestinian life of the city. A life that could be able to grow to be a future capitol of Palestine and this means truly the final blow to the possibility of a two state solution.

`There is a world-wide acceptable solution, Palestine and Israel, and Jerusalem as an open city of two countries. The subject of Israel taking over Jerusalem, taking the Palestinian rights and settling in and around Jerusalem, is the final blow restricting peace resolutions.

` In my opinion, this is in need of a fast, strict treatment. We call upon the international community in a clear way, because while the world is talking about the dismantling coordination and a few thousand settlers and internal subjects in Israel, Israel then starts to impose on the ground that inhibits not only the Final Status negotiations, but all the requirements of the peace process.`

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