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Dismantling Settlements in Gaza and Expanding Them in the West Bank
Dismantling Settlements in Gaza and Expanding Them in the West Bank

1. Update on Beating and Deportation of Shora Esamilan, 30 Jul 2005
2. Vigil at Ofer Military Base for Abdullah Abu Rahme, Peace Activist
3. Palestinians Give the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) a `Gift
House` and Receive Rubber Bullets and Tear Gas, by Ninna and Palle
4. Israeli Occupation Force (IOF) Tells Lies Again, comments by D,
Haaretz article link, 30 Jul, 2005
1. Update on Beating and Deportation of Shora Esamilan, ISM activist
from Sweden
30 Jul, 2005

Shora Esamilan, an ISM activist from Sweden, has arrived back in her
country after being deported from Israel. Five policemen forced her
onto a plane, including two brought in especially from Austria to
subdue one small woman. On her way to the airplane, the police beat
her with batons.

Shora was brutally interrogated by the Israeli General Security
Services (GSS, or Shabak in Hebrew) for over 10 hours on her arrival
in Ben Gurion airport. Israel`s expulsion of hundreds of non-violent
activists reflects the fear the Israeli authorities have of
non-violent resistance in Palestine. Activists like Shora are deemed
a `security threat` because they advocate non-violent resistance to
the brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine. It seems that being
present in Palestinian villages and cities and attending non-violent
demonstrations threatens Israel`s `democracy`.


2. Vigil at Ofer Military Base for Abdullah Abu Rahme, Peace Activist
30 July 2005

On Sunday, July 31st, Israeli, Palestinian and international peace
activists will hold a vigil at the Ofer Military Base at 3 PM to
protest the imprisonment of Abdullah Abu Rahme. Abdullah, a leader of
the Bil`in Popular Committee Against the Wall has been in detention at Ofer
Military Base since his arrest during a non-violent demonstration on Friday,
July 15, 2005.

Last Tuesday, the military judge at Ofer prison camp decided to keep
Abdullah Abu Rahme in jail until the end of the proceedings against him.

Abdullah was arrested on July 17th at a demonstration in his home
village of Bil`in. Together with Akram Khatib he was charged with
assaulting a police officer. Abdullah is well known to Israeli
activists who have joined Bil`in`s inspiring and highly creative
struggle against the wall. Many such activists were with Abdulla when
he was arrested and can testify to his innocence. Even those who have
never met Abdulla might remember his last arrest on trumped up charges
which were so obviously false that the police`s own internal investigation
unit is investigating the policeman who testified against him for giving false

The current charges are just as ridiculous and the same amount of
evidence proving his innocence (including video, still photographs,
dozens of witnesses etc.) was presented to the court. The prosecution
has hardly made an effort to build a case; they don`t need to. When it comes
to Palestinians, the slightest evidence or the least credible testimony can land them in jail for months.

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