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Israelis and Palestinians in Grassroots Negotiations Congress
Israelis and Palestinians will negotiate solutions to the conflict at two
locations in two simulataneous events at the center of Tel-Aviv: Youth - In
the Salon Conference Hall, ZOA House; Adults - In an open public place in
front of ZOA House

Time and place: ZOA House, 1 Daniel Frisch St., Tel Aviv, Israel - Sunday,
April 17, 2016, 10AM 5PM

Each congress invites an Israeli delegation and a Palestinian delegation to
negotiate solutions to the conflict. The negotiations are conducted in front
of an audience which is invited to participate in the peacemaking process.
Obviously, neither delegation is in any way empowered or authorized to
actually negotiate and reach a binding agreement; rather, the purpose of
this event as of previous ones is to show that unofficial Israelis and
unofficial Palestinians, representing a wide cross-section of the grassroots
of their respective societies, can sit down in amity, tackle even the most
difficult issues and reach agreement even under the present highly
inauspicious conditions of violence, bloodshed and deep mutual distrust. It
is the organizers hope that the success of such unofficial negotiations
would help inspire and push the official leaderships on both sides
eventually reach a binding agreement and implement it!

Dr.Sapir Handelman: 972-50-307-6927; Minds of Peace; peace.public @
Noga, LotanCommunications: 972-3-5667474; Fax: 972-3-5667030;
OferLidror : 972-54-431-0811;

The event is sponsored by the Leon Charney Resolution Center

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