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Caught in Israel`s Activist Ban


JVP via
12:18 AM (13 hours ago)

to me

Dear Adam,

Yesterday, I attempted to board a flight to visit with Israeli and
Palestinian peacemakers as part of an interfaith delegation.

But when I went to check my bag, I learned that the Israeli authorities had
banned me and four others from entering the country ó Jewish, Muslim, and
Christian faith leaders ó placing us under a travel ban.

We donít even know officially why we were denied or by whomó the airline
wouldnít let us see any documentation with our own eyes.

Join me and tell Ambassador Dermer: drop this Activist Travel Ban!

Israelís hypocrisy in demanding to speak for all Jews, and denying a rabbi
entry because of her beliefs, is not lost on me. But itís not about me
personally being prevented from boarding a plane. The larger issue is
Israelís attempt to sabotage genuine partnerships between Palestinians,
Israelis, and people all around the world working for equality and justice.

The Israeli government is desperate to prevent anyone in the outside world
from speaking with Palestinians directly and amplifying their stories.

But we canít let them silence us, not now when the stakes are so high: The
ongoing blackout in Gaza and incredibly aggressive Israeli crackdown on
worshippers at Al Aqsa are extremely troubling situations that arenít
getting the attention they deserve, even in progressive circles.

It feels terrible to not be there today, connecting with people on the
ground and learning more deeply whatís going on for them and how they are
working for justice.

I also know this is a sign that weíre making progress, and that our
political vision of equality is seen as a threat to the Israeli government.
But we canít allow governmentsó especially those that stake a claim to
democratic ideals ó to trample dissent.

So join with me and tell Ambassador Dermer: drop this Activist Travel Ban!

Five nonviolent activists were forbidden from boarding a plane from
Washington to Israel - and neither the airline (Lufthansa) or the Israeli
government will explain why or show us documentation.

We are activists for equality, justice, and dignity for all people of
Israel/Palestine. Join us in asking Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer to explain
why we canít go

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