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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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No hope on the political level - which means we have to be more active at the grassroots!

`Nonviolence is the greatest force
at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier
than the mightiest weapon of destruction
devised by the ingenuity of man.
Destruction is not the law of the humans.`
(M.K. Ghandi)

Dear Friend,

in the middle of Israel & Palestine`s summer heat we turn to you! Why?
Because the occupation and violence does not stop during summer, we are as
active as always in our goal to change reality on the ground! Israelis and
Palestinians, men and women, young and old, Jews, Muslims and Christians,
all find a home in our community of change agents who say `Enough is

The recent weeks and months have shown that there is no hope on the
political level, several discriminatory laws in Israeli parliament have
passed shortly before the summer break of the Knesset. In Palestine, we
observe growing frustration and desperation. What is happening in Gaza, the
Bedouin communities and in the villages of our Palestinian partners is -
again - more than alarming.

In this newsletter we will share our ongoing activities with you. Become
involved and become a change agent yourself! People may tell you the
opposite, but we know that there is a partner on the other side. We all have
the responsibility to make this little piece of land as a home for both
peoples - without violence, hatred or injustice.

Shalom & Salam,
in solidarity,

Combatants for Peace

Save the Date: A Summer of Peace Summit

Combatants for Peace activists, Osama Iliwat and Itamar Feigenbaum have been
invited alongside 30+ of the worlds leading peace-builders and change-
makers to be featured in the Finding Common Ground summit, held online
August 7-9th 2018.
The summit is held by The Shift Network, and Combatants for Peace speakers
will be featured alongside many other global leaders and change-makers.
During the summit, these change-makers will share their cutting edge peace
practices for building bridges, closing gaps, and connecting and promoting
agents for change who are working to create a comprehensive blueprint for
global transformation. This 3-day event will highlight the personal stories
of transformations that guided these global leaders to create authentic and
powerful action throughout the world. We hope you will join us for this
extraordinary event.

Click here to sign up for the online event!

Updates from our groups

`CFP Youth` becomes reality!

Few days ago, we started with the first meeting of our newly established
youth group on the Palestinian side of CFP. Our activists Khouloud, Jameel
and Nazih facilitated a workshop on CFP`s way of nonviolent resistance.
Ahlan wa Sahlan (`welcome`) to all Newcomers!

Jerusalem-Bethlehem Group explores neighbourhoods

Israelis and Palestinians went to a tour south of Jerusalem and around
Bethlehem to learn more about the recent development of settlements in the
Gush Etzion area and the daily life of the affected communities. Solidarity
visits to families and local resistance committees give a lot of motivation
to continue the struggle despite all the frustrating news.

South: House meetings for new members

Our South Group with members from Hebron Area and Beer Sheva met in a house
meeting to get to know the new members of the group. Jameel and Moshe told
their personal stories of transformation and explained the principles of
CFP`s way for joint nonviolent resistance.

Tel Aviv - Nablus: Public tour on the effects of the occupation

Tel Aviv - Nablus group organised a tour for the Israeli public to Nablus
area. Our member Abu Mousa explained to the people the situation they are
living in and how the wall is affecting the live of thousands of
Palestinians in the area.

Tel Aviv: Police violence screened on the Independence Hall

Our Israelis activists in Tel Aviv held a demonstration in front of the
Independence hall against the ongoing police violence against protestors in
Khan Al Ahmar, together with lots of partners like Breaking the Silence,
Standing Together and others. As most Israelis do not (want to) see the
injustices in Palestine, we screened scenes of Khan Al Ahmar protests at the
wall of the Independence Hall and claimed to stop any violence immediately!
News on Khan Al Ahmar

On June 6th, the Israeli High Court granted an injunction to stay the
villages demolition until July 11th, due in part to our protest. The
demolition was then postponed again until Mid-August. The legal struggle
will likely be ongoing, while urgent protective, advocacy, and humanitarian
needs continue.

The immediate goal is to prevent the demolition of the village, its school
and the expulsion of the local Bedouin villagers. The broader goal is to
stop the Israeli authorities from pursuing mass expulsion of Palestinian
communities. By responding to the emergency situation in Khan Al Amar, we
seek to also prevent all forcible transfers. Successfully halting the
demolition of Khan Al Amar would challenge a dangerous precedent. The
demolition of the village goes beyond a single community - it paves the way
for connecting two main settlement blocks thus dividing the Westbank in two
parts - North and South - making a 2-states solution even less likely as it
is already.

An urgent word of Eid Khames Jahaleen

`My name is Eid Khames Jahaleen, spokesperson of Khan Al Ahmar families. We
were displaced for the first time in 1951, then the occupation came in 1967
and there were harassments against the Bedouin communities. Settlements
started less than a kilometer away, the occupation building settlements,
services, schools opening new roads, clinics, water electricity, telephones,
everything, but here it provided nothing to the Bedouin communities.
Moreover, the occupation issues demolishing orders for our homes.

Many organizations have stepped in to provide support; Palestinian, Israeli
and International ones, including Combatants for Peace, who helped my people
and built a tent that was destroyed by nature conditions. They bought all of
the required materials and assembled it in less than 12 hours. They
constructed it to help this family, they also did some work in the school
with the students by getting them supplies for those that needed help. CFP
also helped in hiring a lawyer to support our case at the Israeli high court
of Justice, and also played a role in exposing the difficulties we face
internationally, whether in media or talking to diplomats.

Combatants for peace joined us hand in hand and helped this community to
stay and resist and try to get our rights like those living in the
settlements only a few meters away. My message to the European and American
public is: please help us achieve peace, all that we need is to have ever
lasting peace between the two nations - thats what we want.`

Help us bringing Peace!

Our work and activities are significantly financed by donations. As a
grassroots movement not linked to any political group, we depend on
financial contributions both locally and internationally. Please help us in
safeguarding our work and become a friend of Combatants for Peace! Donations
are tax-deductible in the U.S. For tax-deductible donations from other
countries, please contact us. Thank you so much for your support!

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