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Corrected Hebron Report

By Jerry Levin
CPTnet, Hebron Tel Rumeida
September 30, 2005

Late Thursday afternoon CPTers Anne Montgomery and Jerry Levin protectively locked themselves inside the CPT apartment and watched as about twenty
settlers refused to obey Israeli soldiers who were ordering them unsuccessfully to leave the Old City. (At the time CPTers Christina Gibb and Dianne Roe were away at a meeting.)

The incident began at about 4:30 pm when Montgomery walking near Avraham Avinu settlement encountered soldiers trying to stop settlers from menacing Palestinian shop keepers. Angrily declaring that Palestinian youngsters had thrown stones, attacked a settler boy and stolen a goat, the setters had rushed through a nearby gate that is usually locked. They became even more furious when the soldiers would not back up their claim.

Meanwhile other settlers pushed their way through the also unlocked heavy mesh metal gate outside the CPT apartment; and two settler boys broke into a newly opened poultry shop. Using her cell phone, Montgomery, unable to make her way safely to the CPT apartment, alerted Levin, who was inside. Stepping into the street, he started snapping pictures. Seeing the camera, several nearby
settler men rushed angrily at him; so he stepped back inside and locked the door.

Going to the roof and seeing no Israeli police, he called the Tel Rumeida
station. A dispatcher said he knew about the disturbance but `the army is there and will take care of it.` Levin replied that the army was not succeeding. The dispatcher without answering hung up.

By then, Montgomery, following a soldier, had been able to get back to the
apartment. After about a half hour, when it looked to the CPTers as if the
soldiers were being successful in persuading the settlers to leave, five
young settler boys slipped past them and darted further into the Old City.
Shouting furiously a couple of soldiers dashed after them. Other settlers
including spokesperson David Wilder continued to mill about irately and uncertainly in the street below. When Wilder started taking pictures of
soldiers trying to stop settlers from proceeding, a soldier shouted angrily
at him to stop

The CPTers again called Tel Rumeida police to complain about their absence.
A few minutes after that, police suddenly appeared alongside the soldiers who earlier had chased after the elusive settler boys. Each soldier was clutching a kicking, squirming boy while dragging and pushing them back through the gate. Shadowed by other soldiers, the remaining settlers sullenly filed out too.

The soldiers slammed the gate shut. Then for about another hour several settlers continued to hang around glaring at soldiers still standing guard
in the street. Palestinian men came to repair the metal doors and locks to
the shop that been broken into. Israeli police brought two settler boys back
through the gate to see the damage they had caused. After dark the soldiers
securely padlocked the gate, and the last of the settlers left the area.


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