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Hebron report: Life in Tel Rumeida Unbearable

HEBRON, October 14, 2005

Shelli Stanley, an activist working for the Tel Rumeida Project in Hebron, said, in article, If Tel Rumeida is viewed as a microcosm of the Israeli plan for Palestine, the sometimes subtle realities of Palestinian life under occupation and the type of Palestinian state Israel desires can be more easily comprehended.

Located in the Israeli-controlled area of Hebron, Tel Rumeida is a small neighbourhood living out the brutal extravagance of direct Israeli occupation
Nearly every tactic used by Israel to create its merciless occupation is employed in Tel Rumeida: displacement, imprisonment, economic strangulation, extreme militarization, arbitrary detention, land confiscation, excessive disruption of normal Palestinian life, settler violence, soldier brutality, government complicity with illegal settler acts, and daily humiliation.

The writer says Palestinian citizens of Tel Rumeida never experienced the living of a normal day. The nearly three years of curfew they endured during this Intifada permanently scar the lives of every citizen and the community itself.

`The five soldier stations and new electronic checkpoint currently located on three streets make it nearly impossible for residents to walk anywhere unhindered. The two settlements, Beit Haddasseh and the Tel Rumeida settlement, housing some of the West Banks most extremist settlers and located at the top and bottom of the Tel Rumeida neighbourhood, ensure that Palestinians living here will, at the very least, have a daily reminder that they are no longer welcome in their own neighbourhood. The endless abandoned homes and forcibly-closed stores, many of them sprayed with violently racist settler graffiti, do their own part in contributing to the solemnly eerie atmosphere of the neighbourhood`, the writer describes.

The living conditions in Tel Rumeida are that of apartheid. Palestinians are not allowed to drive their vehicles on the streets; they are for Israelis only. Palestinian citizens must carry or cart everything to their homes while colonizers take joyrides through the neighbourhood.

Israeli colonizers rule Tel Rumeida. Young colonizer boys saunter through the Tel Rumeida streets stoning or attacking homes and Palestinian citizens at will under the indifferent eyes of Israeli soldiers and police. Damaged and destroyed Palestinian homes, gardens, water pipes, phone lines, and windows live as a testament to the wrath of the colonizers former deeds.

The writer continues `nearly every Palestinian resident of Tel Rumeida has a disturbingly devastating story, such as that of a young pregnant mother who has had two miscarriages in as many years as a direct result of Israeli violence.`

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