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Two Palestinians killed as army bombards Gaza
by Saed Bannoura
Sunday January 10, 2010

Palestinian medical sources reported on Sunday that two Palestinians were killed after the Israeli army bombarded an area in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli tanks, stationed close to northwestern area of the Gaza Strip opened fire at the two residents and fired rounds of live ammunition into the area.

The two were near the evacuated former settlement of Dugit.

Palestinian medics were not able to retrieve the bodies of the two residents due to continued Israeli fire, while local sources reported that the two are day laborers.

Last week, the Israeli army killed three workers while trying to collect scrap metal near the northern borders of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army claimed that the shells targeted fighters trying to fire homemade shells into adjacent Israeli areas.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military spokesperson claimed that the army had nothing with the shelling.

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