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Knesset Committee votes 7-1 for revoking MK Hanin Zoabiís parliamentary privileges
By CK (David Abitbol)/Jewlicious/Gush Shalom
June 7, 2010

Gush Shalom press release
What took place at the Knesset House Committee had nothing to do with a democratic discussion or debate.

The thuggish assault of Knesset members upon KM Hanin Zuabi. like the thuggish offensive of `Im Tirtzu` on The NewIsrael Fund, and like the attack of street thugs on Uri Avnery at Tel-Aviv`s Ibn Gvirol Street, is part of a multiple nationalist and racist campaign of incitement, aimed at silencing those who raise their voice against the policy of occupation, and to erase any last remnant of democracy in the Sate of Israel.

What took place at the Knesset House Committee had nothing whatsoever to do with a democratic discussion or debate. This was a show trial by a kangaroo court against Knesset Member Hanin Zuabi, a congame in which the result was predetermined. It was not Zuabi who was shamed and humiliated by this disgusting spectacle. It was the Knesset members of the exreme right who shamed and humiliated themselves, the whole Knesset, and the entire State of Israel.


Commentary by CK (David Abitbol) on Jewlicious

A new PR disaster - I can see it happening as we speak!

The Knessetís House Committee recommended today, by a vote of 7-1, to revoke Balad MK Hanin Zoabiís Parliamentary privileges. You might recall that Zoabi was a passenger on the ill fated Gaza flotilla. Upon her return to the Knesset, she was verbally assailed by various right-wing parliamentarians and prevented from speaking. The three main privileges Zoabi stands to lose are the privilege to leave the country, the privilege of carrying a diplomatic passport and the right to have the Knesset cover her litigation fees if she is put on trial.

These and other privileges are meant to allow an MK to fulfill his or her duties without fear of undue pressure from others. These privileges are accorded to all MKs Ė those we agree with and those we disagree with and are meant to promote and enhance the democratic process. Whether I like it or not, Zoabiís actions are supported by her constituents.

Haaretz reported that ďLikud MK Yariv Levin, who serves as chairman of the Knesset House Committee, said before the discussion that Hanin Zuabi betrayed the State of Israel and she must be put on trial.Ē I suggest that those that seek to diminish the democratic process are the ones betraying the foundations of the State of Israel.

Above and beyond all that, the angry, frustrated parliamentarians calling for Zoabiís hide are on the verge of handing to our enemies, on a silver platter, yet another PR victory. Now what will we say when they accuse us of being racist and undemocratic? Unless of course we are willing to use these same standards across the board regardless of an MKs ethnicity or ideological orientation.

Will we strip parliamentary privileges from MKs who support extremist settlers who openly battle the IDF and take the law into their own hands? Do we really want to go down that slippery slope? Do we? I donít know about you, but I certainly donít.

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