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With all the eyes at the Social Protest, soldiers fire gas and bullets randomly into Nabi Saleh`s houses
Convoglio Restiamo Umani

but first:
video of what happened yeaterday, Aug.7, 2011:

Monday 8 August 2011
A big number of Israeli soldiers are attacking the village of Nabi Saleh by firing the gas and bullets randomly into houses. Further the IOF totally closed all the entrances to the village. The Popular Resistance holds the occupation​ responsibl​e for the raid and considers it a systematic assault to punish the people of the village in the holy month of Ramadan.

[Editor`s note: With all the eyes at the Social Protest, meanwhile a small West Bank village is maltreated by the army. In Nabi Saleh the people hold weekly protests against their lands and water sources being taken over by settlers. This is the opportunity to `teach them.`]

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