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Nablus Area: Army opens one road, delays ambulance at another road
By Danny Johnes
August 9, 2011

Israeli soldiers opened a Nablus thoroughfare for the first time in 9 years, according to Maan News Agency.

On Monday, Palestinian officials and liaisons of the Israeli army presided over the opening of the road from Nablus to the village of An-Naqura.

The governor of Nablus has prioritized the re-paving of the road so it can be fully functional as soon as possible.

When the road was closed in 2002, it forced villagers to take long detours, and prevented many of them from accessing all of their fields. Now with the road open, villagers in the north will have direct access to Nablus and to their fields.

The Israeli army closed many roads and constructed many checkpoints during the Second Intifada, a number of which are still in place though the violence has completely subsided.


An ambulance carrying victims of a fatal car accident was significantly delayed by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint in the West Bank.

The Palestinian ambulance carrying victims of the accident to the hospital was delayed at Zatara checkpoint, south of Nablus. Eyewitnesses report that the soldiers delayed it for 30 minutes.

Anhar Sandouk died at the scene of the accident. She was 13 years old. Sandouk�s parents and two others were also injured in the accident.

There were no fatalities as a result of the delay.

Many other instances of ambulances being delayed at Israeli checkpoints have been documented. In several cases, Palestinian civilians have died in ambulances delayed at Israeli checkpoints.

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