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Israel finishes barrier construction in Jerusalem
Ma`an News Agency

BETHLEHEM (Maan) -- Israeli forces will finish this week building a barrier around Shufat refugee camp in north Jerusalem, Israel`s Maariv daily reported Wednesday.

The 45,000-person camp will become isolated from the city and residents will only be able to enter through a new checkpoint.

Maariv reported that Israeli police were preparing for the possibility of clashes that may erupt, noting that `Fatah, especially, is inciting` to counter the separation plan.

The head of the camp`s popular committee, Jamil Sanduka, told Maariv that `we have blue (Israeli) IDs; we are citizens of Jerusalem and shouldn`t suffer in this way. Have we transformed into Gaza?`

Sanduka added that getting in and out of the camp will turn into a nightmare on the Israeli checkpoint, adding that they do not want all these searches conducted by the authorities.

According to the Israeli plan, anyone from the camp who wants to enter Jerusalem proper should pass through the checkpoint even though the camp is considered to be part of the city.

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