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Shepherd attacked with iron rod
Itamar Fleishman
YNet News

A shepherd was attacked Sunday near the Migron outpost by masked men, witnesses reported. The victim, 47, was evacuated to the Ramallah hospital with moderate to severe head injuries.

The Judea and Samaria Police Department launched an investigation and is searching for the assailants.

The attack occurred Sunday morning, as a group of shepherds from the village of Mukhamas crossed an underground tunnel under Route 60, and came across a group of masked men at the other end.

Najeh Abu Ali, who finished crossing first, said six men in masks attacked him with sticks and sharp objects. The victim added that the men beat him on his head, stabbed him and several of his sheep.

The shepherds who crossed the tunnel after Abu Ali, saw the assailants only as they were fleeing the scene, leaving Abu Ali bruised and beaten. The victim`s friends then carried him to the road, where they managed to stop a car to take him to a hospital.

According to one of his friends, the hospital found that Abu Ali had multiple fractures in his body and needed 75 stitches to his head and torso.

`The six attackers were waiting for him at the other side of the tunnel,` his friend said. `They were wearing masks and as soon as he stepped out of the tunnel, they started to attack him with iron rods. Then they killed and injured some of the sheep and ran away.`

The friend added that after the incident, representatives of the Palestinian coordination and liaison department questioned him so as to start an investigation in coordination with the police and the IDF. This was the first time that Abu Ali was attacked, but according to his friends, several attacks have occurred in the region.

The victim noted he intended to file a complaint with the help of B`Tselem once he recuperated.

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