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IDF, Wildly Energetic After the Yom Kippur Holy Day, Causes Havoc in the Jordan Valley
Daphne Banai

On Monday, September 16, 2013, at around 6:00 am, three enormous bulldozers
destroyed dozens of Bedouin encampments belonging to eight extended families
in the northern area of the Jordan Valley, not far from the road leading to the
Hemdat Settlement.

According to the IDF, these encampments were built by the Bedouin without
proper permits. On the other hand, the Bedouins claim that these encampments
have been their home dating back to the days before the Occupation
(1967). Prior to 1967 a proper village called Mikchol was located in this same
area. Makhul was a village with permanent stone houses and the Bedouins living
in the encampments destroyed today originated from of the village of Makhul.

The IDF bulldozers, followed the orders of commanders and destroyed the
Bedouins tents, additional simple structures and all of their belongings - the
basics needed to remain alive in this harsh environment. Clay ovens, plastic
chairs, beds, solar energy panels (provided by the Red Cross), children`s toys,
and basic chests for clothes - all ram shackled and destroyed.

Ha`aretz journalist Gideon Levy arrived at the scene and found hundreds of now
homeless Bedouins rummaging for their belongings amongst the rubble in the
scorching sun.

One of the families who lost everything in the rampage is the Basharet Family. I have visited this family many times - they are a kind, warm and always welcoming people. In a previous report I described how the family rooster had cared for their three-month-old baby girl (now 18 months old). My heart broke when I saw the random cruelty they had been subjected to.

And if all this wasn`t enough - the inhabitants of Al Malich and Ein al Hilwe
(hundreds of families living between east of the Tiasir checkpoint and the
Maskiot Intersection) were presented with an eviction order. They have
been instructed to vacate their homes for two days due to upcoming military
maneuvers. Hundreds of people will be forced from their meager, makeshift
homes. They will be left in the unforgiving scorching summer heat without a roof over their heads so that the IDF can engage in its military games. And as has happened often in recent months, an untold price will be paid by these families and their livestock. Many animals in their herds will die from heatstroke as they wander in the wilderness without a chance of finding shelter.

And so it goes on.

Good wishes for a festive Sukkot holiday to Israel and its people.
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