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Two houses, a sheep pen, olive trees, straw bales, a grocery store...
Amos Gvirtz
Don`t Say We Didn`t Know 576
14 Nov 2017

On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, Israeli soldiers carried out demolitions in the Palestinian Jordan Valley: At Thabat Mar`i, in the southern part of the Jiftlik, they destroyed two houses. 16 persons remained homeless. In the Jiftlik they destroyed a sheep pen. At Furush Beit Dajan they demolished a storehouse.

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On Wednesday and Thursday - November 8 and 9 - Israeli government agents escorted by police carried out demolitions in Negev Bedouin communities. On Wednesday - in Karkur near the town of Rahat, they demolished a structure; at Umm Batin they uprooted dozens of young olive trees and destroyed a fence; near Abu Talul they uprooted dozens of young olive trees and destroyed dozens of large straw bales, as well as a fence; On Thursday at Bir Hadaj they demolished a grocery store and fence; At Abu Karinat near `Ar`ara, they destroyed a shack and a fence.

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