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What happened to tortured prisoner Samer Arbid?

By َQudsN / September 30, 2019
Occupied West Bank (QNN)-

Arab 48 quoted lawyer Sahar Francis saying that Arbid was evacuated to
hospital on Friday to get treatment. He was in critical condition because of
severe torture to which he was subjected during interrogation.

Francis stated that he was evacuated to hospital without informing neither
his family or his lawyer.

Francis told Arab 48 that “Arbid was arrested on Wednesday, September 25
while he and his wife were heading home. Special forces have brutally
arrested him”. He was assaulted and beaten by weapons.

“They told us that Samer is denied visits by his lawyers and they extended
his arrest for further five days”, she added.

“In the records of a meeting on September 26, Samer stated that he has pain
in his chest and that he suffers from severe health deterioration, but the
detectives did not care and extended the arrest for further eight days”,
Francis revealed.

“On Saturday, were were surprised by a detective telling us that Samer was
in critical condition and that he was evacuated to hospital. We headed to
the hospital and Israeli Shin Bet but when we reached him he was not able to
even talk and we found out that he was there since Friday. They did not
allow us nor his family to visit him”.

Francis stated that the Shin Bet was given the green light to brutally
torture Arbid. “Until now, we have no idea about the kind of torture and
beating to which Samer was subjected, but he was surly subjected to severe

“We have submitted an application to release him because of his health
situation, but it was rejected under the pretext of being under treatment
and being suspected in security violation”, she added.

Francis said that torturing Samer is deemed a war crime and violation of
humanitarian and international laws.

According to the Haaretz newspaper, the Shin Bet was given legal permission
to employ “extraordinary measures” in its interrogation of Arbid. Such
measures can include torture, sleep deprivation, shackling and subjecting
prisoners to extreme temperatures.

Addamir human rights group stated that Arbid was denied lawyers visits from
the very moment he was arrested. It also said that “although Arbid stated on
Thursday that he has pains in his chest and that he cannot swallow and keeps
vomiting, and although of obvious traces of beating on his neck, Israeli
authorities ignored him and did not evacuate him to hospital”.

Addamir also stressed that “violent and illegal practices against prisoners
during interrogation directly violate the international law”.

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