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Yesh Gvul - 13th annual beacon lighting ceremony - Important Update! Help us Counter Fascist Group `Im-Tirtzu

Yesh Gvul - Update 19/4

Fascist group `Im-Tirtzu` intends to demonstrate at the site of the ceremony and perhaps try to interrupt it. On Saturday, they distributed a misleading, altered version of the memorial prayer (Yizkor), which takes aim at leftists and conscientious objectors:

Please join us, so that we can isolate the Fascist forces in Israel
Yesh Gvul invites you to an alternative beacon lighting Ceremony
for a just, equitable and fitting Israel

The 13th annual ceremony, Mon, 19.4.2010, at 19:45, at Emil Grunzweig Square (facing the Prime Minister`s Office), in Givat Ram, Jerusalem.

For an immediate cessation of senseless violence and of the occupation regime that generates it, for a correction of the wrongs caused by Israeli society, for an improvement in our attitude towards the weak and the needy among us, and for peace with all our neighbors.

Beacon lighters, the people struggling for a better reality:

Dany Amir (power to the workers), Sara Beninga (Shekh Jarrah activist), Mazen Gnayem (Mayor of Sahnin), Sharon Dolev (Greenpeace), Ahuva Tafsai and Gil Shatah (Cleaning union of the Ben-Gurion University), Ilana Lah (PsychoActive), Yasin Musa (Bney Darfur), Elisheva Milikovsky (A.S.F), Michael Mankin (Breaking the Silence), Shir Regev (Occupation refusenik), Yehoshua Rosin (Peace activist) and Mati Shemoelof (Gerila Tarbut).

With performances by: Beny Eldar, Guy Elhanan, Dani Amir and Tarantina.

Transportation from Tel Aviv (and back): 18:00, El-Al Terminal (Arlozorov Train Station)

The ceremony presents an alternative to an official, whitewashed nationalistic ceremony taking place at the same time on Mt. Herzl. Your presence will encourage the beacon lighters to continue their activism for peace human rights, and will signal to Israeli decision makers that that there are many who will not buy their empty slogans.!


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