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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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BOYCOTT! Newsletter 18.4.10-24.4.10
Welcome all to the 27th BOYCOTT! newsletter. This weekly summation is a collection of all the links, information and action reports that BOYCOTT! activists collect during the week. We hope to provide the main events of the group on a weekly basis, including action reports, news, and invitations for BDS related activities you can take part in. We`re always working out the kinks, so any suggestions and feedback are appreciated. (send to

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BOYCOTT! Latest Action

✌ BOYCOTT! write to CRH, asking to Divest Now from Apartheid Israel!

The Gil Scott-Heron Affair

✌ PACBI: Open Letter to Gil Scott-Heron: Dont Play Apartheid Israel!

✌ The Electronic Intifada, Matthew Cassel: Gil Scott-Heron: don`t go to the moon

Join the Fun!

✌ PLEASE SIGN -עצומה חשובה Israeli Citizens Say: Do Not Approve Israel`s OECD Membership Until It Abides by International Law

Please send your name (English letters) and title (optional) to:

Israeli Citizens Say: Do Not Approve Israel`s OECD Membership Until It Abides by International Law

In May 2010 the OECD ministerial committee will vote on the admission of Israel as a member of the organization.

As Israeli citizens, we are concerned by the policies of the Israeli governments, policies which violate international law, violate the basic human rights of Palestinians under occupation and serve to instigate instability, violence and suffering in the Middle East. We are also concerned by the double standards applied by some countries in the international community, especially the developed countries, towards Israel`s violations. Such double standards imbue violent and blatantly illegal Israeli policies of land theft, torture and physical abuse of civilians with an aura of legitimacy.

We believe that only when the international community makes Israel accountable for its actions, can we hope to see a change in Israeli policies.

As Israeli citizens, we wish to voice our strong support for the call issued to OECD countries by numerous Palestinian organizations, and numerous international organizations, including Palestinian solidarity campaigns around the world. Please note that the call also refers to the racist policies towards, and discrimination against, those Palestinians who are Israeli citizens.

Rewarding Israel for severe human rights violations will bring about neither peace nor justice !
Please Do Not Approve Israel`s OECD Membership Until It Abides by International Law !

Fellow BOYCOTT! member, Iris Hefetz has been demonized by the Jewish community in Berlin. This petition is to put an end to this Zionist bullying. Please sign.

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Palestinian BDS

✌ PACBI: Taking exception

Global BDS

✌ The scene from Berkeley

✌ London Dump Veolia! Protest at the Natural History Museum

The Video:

✌ City may cut Pride funding over Israeli apartheid marchers

✌ Minnesota students lock-down a Caterpillar plant, citing ethnic cleansing and occupation


BDS in World Media
✌ Will liberal Zionists come around to BDS?

✌ `It Is Not Awarded By The State Of Israel`

Haber: does BDS leadership seek ideological purity or a coalition?

Links to the latest articles in this section

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