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Donations for Canteen accounts of popular struggle prisoners
From Against walls Media

Collecting donations for Canteen accounts of the popular struggle prisoners

As we all know, in addition to the hard running violence in
demonstrations against the occupation, one of the key tools of
repression against the popular movement is the mass arrests - along
with bogus trials that lead to long periods of confinement in prisons
in the West Bank and Israel.

Nearly a 100 of Bil`in residents were jailed for various periods of
time since 2005. In Ni`lin alone, more than 120 people were detained
since the beginning of the struggle in May 2008. During the months in
which the people of An Nabi-Salih, Karawat Bnei-Zeid, Beit Rima and
Kufer Ein dared to protest more than 40 of them were arrested.

These arrests, mostly operated as a military invasion in the middle of
the night, are based almost entirely on general incriminations that
were forced out of arrestees after pulled from their bed and
interrogated without presence of their parents or a lawyer even though
many of them are under aged. `the Legal rule` in the military court
system is such that even one incrimination on throwing one stone can
lead to being arrested until the end of the proceedings. The
`proceedings`, in most cases, will take more than a year so the
defendant has no choice but to admit a plea bargain on an offense not
committed by him in order to cut the period of time of his

Today, there are close to forty prisoners\detainees awaiting long
prison terms. Most of them are youths aged 16-30, some of them being
the only breadwinners of their families. Between them are two members
of the Bil`in popular committee, and three members of the Ni`lin
popular committee.

Canteen accounts are available to inmates in prisons which allow
purchasing limited amounts of basic products, somewhat easing prison
life. Most of the families of prisoners - even those that are not
dependent on the prisoner as the only breadwinner, or that their
agricultural livelihoods weren`t stolen by the fence, or have not been
denied their work permits in Israel for their participation in
demonstrations - find it hard to put even the smallest amounts

Support prisoners through a donation to their canteen accounts may
facilitate their time in prison and is an act of critical solidarity
for those who pay the highest price for their partnership in the

Local donations can be transferred to the following bank account:

Shai Gorsky
Bank Hapoalim (12)
Account number: 306029
Branch number: 694 (please specify in comments `Canteen`)

It is also possible to bring a donation to one of the weekly
demonstrations and we will take care of the depositing.

Donations from abroad can be transferred to the following bank account:

IBAN: IL430090010000007125479

Any donation should be followed by sending an email as a confirmation

For further information:
Shai - 052-3727602
Chaska - 050-2167583

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