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In Memory of Aseel Asleh, killed in the second Intifada, October 2, 2000
Dear friends,

Mailed by Jen Marlowe

As some of you know, this October marks the ten-year anniversary of `Black October.` As the second Intifada erupted in the West Bank and Gaza, demonstrations also began in Arab villages and towns inside Israel. In October 2000, twelve Palestinian citizens of Israel were killed in these demonstrations by Israeli security forces. The youngest of those killed was a seventeen-year old peace activist named Aseel Asleh. He was killed on October 2, 2000.

Aseel was my camper in Seeds of Peace and my friend. When he was killed, I (along with his many other friends) struggled to know what to do, how to respond. A few things felt clear to me: I wanted to ensure his story would be told, I would do so by writing a play, and the play would be crafted all through people`s real words--Aseel`s words, that he left behind in his emails, his family`s words, his friends.

There is a Field is that play, made entirely of documentary material, the bulk of which came from eight years of interviews with Aseel`s older sister, Nardeen.

And, when I realized that the ten year anniversary of `Black October` was around the corner, I knew that it was time for There is a Field to premiere--not just in one city--but worldwide, as part of a global theatrical action. October`s theatrical action seeks not only to remember Aseel and the other victims, but to make sure that the larger struggles facing Palestinians inside Israel are remembered as well.

Currently, there are 30 readings/performances of There is a Field planned throughout October in 15 different countries, including Palestine, Zimbabwe, North of Ireland, Kenya, Macedonia, France, Mexico, Chile, USA and many more! The script has currently been translated into Arabic, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Russian, Bosnian and Macedonian!

Its not too late to participate in Octobers Global Theatrical Action!

Organize a public reading/performance in your community during October 2010.
(There are funds available to help with venue and publicity. Press release and poster/postcards are also available.)

Organize a Living Room Reading in October by inviting friends to your home to read the play aloud together!
`Living Room Readings` are a wonderful and low-maintenance way to participate in Octobers Global Call to Theatrical Action. It can be as simple as inviting friends to your home to read the play aloud together, followed by a discussion. Orit can be a step up from that, by scheduling an evening or two to rehearse with a group of 6-9 people, and then inviting a larger group of friends to your home for a more polished `Living Room Reading,` followed by discussion.

We will be releasing a special video on October 2, the ten year anniversary of Aseel`s death. You can help make sure the video is seen as widely as possible! More information on that coming soon...

Help spread the word to other theatre artists/activists/concerned people so that as many corners of the globe as possible can participate in Octobers Global Theatrical Action!

Write to me for more information, to get a copy of the script and to let her know how you plan to participate in Octobers Call to Theatrical Action!

For more information, please visit our website! Also, make sure to check out our Facebook page!

I hope you will take part in October`s global theatrical action. It can be as simple as emailing me for a copy of the script, inviting a few friends over, reading the play aloud together, and reflecting on what it means that Aseel`s life, along with the lives of so many other innocent people, was brutally shortened before he could achieve his dream of building the kind of world he wanted to live in--one without violence, checkpoints, borders, or IDs. The kind of world we all deserve to live in.

In solidarity,
Jen Marlowe


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