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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Sat Dec. 25: Accompany Farmers in South Hebron Hills
` By the time we rejoin our companions, the Palestinians have managed to plow two fields, one with a rusty tractor, the second with the time-honored donkey and metal plow. Police and soldiers are everywhere, and soon a heavy-set settler appears, on cue, to give them their orders which, as always, are obeyed: the plowing must stop. The police rush to confiscate the keys to the Palestinian tractor, and suddenly they want to know who really owns this field that the settlers, naturally, claim; not another clod must be turned over until maps are brought from headquarters, hours away, and the rival claims adjudicated.`

Testimony of David Shulman on plowing action in the area of Tuba, Southern Hebron Hills, December 1st, 2007. For the full testimony see

The plowing season is coming again. To prevent this scene from repeating itself, and in order to enable our Palestinians comrades to work their lands we need your help!

The settlers of the Southern Hebron Hills continue to harass their Palestinian neighbours, as part of a prolonged effort to drive the Palestinians away from this region. Therefore, this Saturday as many times before, we will come again to stand alongside our Palestinian partners and help them reach their lands so they will be able to continue living in their homes despite harassment by the settlers and the army.

For details and registration: Dolev � 054-8184467,

Please bring a hat, water and closed shoes (not sandals), and don�t forget to dress modestly (no shorts or sleeveless shirts).

Ta`ayush Jerusalem
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