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Silwan, Fri Dec 24: Mass Demonstration - `We are all Adnan`

Join us on Friday for a demonstration in Silwan against the political repression of Silwan residents.

Silwan organizer Adnan Jit was recently warned that he is about to be served a military decree deporting him from his home and from the Jerusalem area for four months due to his activism. The government could not find any legal reason to block him, so they used the 1945 Emergency Decrees instead. Adnan is an Israeli resident.

Leading up to this decree, Adnan has been subject to arrests and home searches at least 7 times over the past few months. Policemen and Shin Bet secret police also explicitly threatened him and his family with violence.

We will be meeting at Givati parking lot at 14:00.


Downtown Jerusalem: 13:15 from Liberty Bell Park parking lot
Tel aviv: 12:15 from Gan Meir, 12:30 from El Al terminal near Tel Aviv Merkaz central train station

We ask you not to come in cars due to the lack of parking. It`s better to come in the organized transportation. If you still choose to come by car, park in the Mount Zion parking lot and walk to Givati parking lot on foot.

The demonstration includes walking.

More details: call 054-7485675 or 052-9517057
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