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American Embassy protesters set free
Haggai Matar
January 4, 2011
Compiled and translated by Adam Keller from several email updates sent during the day.

Update as of 2.09 PM: Twelve protesters held since Saturday night are due to be released at the Tel Aviv Magistrate`s Court.

They were detained after throwing into the American ambassador`s residence in Herzlia tear gas canisters collected in the fields of Bil`in, `returning` them to the USA, the country where they were produced and sold to the Israeli armed forces.

A large number of supportive activists have been crowding the courtroom and adjoining corridors since the early morning.

Police asserted that the detainees` act constituted `possession of firearms`, a serious charge, and accordingly asked the court to set a high bail and order the eleven kept under house arrest. However, the judge accepted the stipulation of Adv. Gabi Lasky that it was no more than an act of protest.

They are to set free without depositing a bail; activists who arrived in the court, ready with large sums of money in cash, were happily unneeded. The only restriction set on the released activists is to stay at least 200 metres away from all official American institutions. European Union ן½ here we come!


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