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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,    but because of the people who don't do anything about it    
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Solidarity This Week
Solidarity with Lod

Protest Vigil the house demolitions

Tuesday, January 11th, 6:00 PM

Meeting point at the protest tent,

Helen Keler St. and Hamasger St.

The Israel Land Administration demolished nearly a month ago, in a rainy and story day, seven houses belonging to the Abu Eid family in Lod. The demolition was carried out with brutality and was accompanied with lies and deceptions. One day before the demolition took place the familys attorney was told it was to be postponed by six months, and the family was promised an alternative land.

The family members still live in the street. The government recently allocated a 40 million NIS budget for house demolitions in Lod, as part as a rehabilitation plan. A neigbourhood for army and police personal and others projects will be built instead of the homes to be demolished.This plan is a clear statement that the government has no intention to solve the problems of poverty, distress and crime in Lod. Just like in Silwan, Dahamash, El-Arakib and Taybhe this plan is meant solely to make life for the Palestinians harder, and will result solely in further distress and hate.

For details and transportation from Jerusalem call: 054-9414427

For more details on the struggle in Lod see here

Solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah

Demo, Friday, January 14th, 2:00 PM

Stop the settlement in the Shepard hotel!
Stop the Judaisation of Sheikh Jarrah!

Stop the Discrimnation of East Jerusalem!

This morning (Sunday) the Shepard hotel in Sheikh Jarrah was demolished as a part of the construction of a new settlement of 31 housing units in the middle of a Palestinian neighborhood.

The Shepard hotel is located on Mount of Olives road, in the north of Sheikh Jarrah to the direction of Mount Scopus.

Transportation from Tel Aviv to the demonstration leaves at 12:30 PM from the EL AL terminal near the Tel Aviv Merkaz central train station.

For more details: 054-7485675 or 052-9517057

Solidarity with Taybeh

A tour to Taybeh, Saturday, January 15th

With the upcoming court decision (25.1.2011) in Taybehs popular committee against the continuous refusal of the authorities to discuss the urban master plan for Taybeh, we will hold another guided tour to Taybeh. Join the tour to learn more about the reality in Taybeh, the third largest Arab city in Israel. Join us to learn more about a reality of lands expropriation, demolition of houses and lack of municipal services. Join us to see for yourself how mechanisms of discrimination work.

Transport will leave from Tel Aviv North railway station, 10:00 AM. Registration is mandatory, please call: 054-2292474.
The number of places is limited, so please register in advance.

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