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Yesh Gvul`s Response to the Findings of the Committee Appointed to Inspect the Shehade Assassination
By: Yesh Gvul
28 February 2011

Press Release

`If I had known that there was an intelligence picture which was connected to acts I find illicit, I would not have attacked. I should not have attacked.[...] Once I take off, I become a war machine. Up to the point where I know I am doing something not good. Something not good is to just kill people`.

The navigator who dropped the bomb talking to youths, December 2010

On July 22th 2002, close to midnight, the Israeli air force dropped a one ton bomb on a residential building in the heart of Gaza city. Saleh Shehade, 14 Innocent civilians were killed in the attack, and 150 were wounded.

In 2003, Yesh Gvul, along with a gallery of public figures, petitioned the Israeli High Court of Justice (HCJ), asking it to instruct the authorities to initiate an investigation into the attack. The matter has been dragged, for years by the HCJ and for three additional years by an inspection committee devoid of significant authority. Yesh Gvul refused to appear before this committee, believing its conclusions to be fixed in advance. Its findings, published today, cast doubt on the state`s ability to investigate allegations of war crimes. The committee`s report is toothless, paving the road to similar military actions in the future. The report will not protect alleged war criminals from indictment.

On the one hand, the committee has found that an intelligence failure had occurred and erroneous discretion had been exercised. On the other hand, no one has been held accountable, and everyone can sleep well at night.The committee goes on to argue that lessons have been learned. Fact: During the 2nd Lebanon war, 7 innocent civilians were killed in Gaza when, again, a one ton bomb was dropped on their house during a failed attempt to assassinate Muhammed Def.

Yesh Gvul expects the State of Israel to assume responsibility. compensate the families of the victims, and assist in the medical care provided to civilians who have been wounded for no reason. We intend to continue our activity on this matter.


Yesh Gvul
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