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Lod-LUDD: Join Protest Tent against Demolitions
On Wednesday March 2, police special forces destroyed the portable-structure foundations put in place instead of the previously-destroyed homes of the Abu Eid family.

The operation was brutal, with several residents injured or arrested. Video here:

The Abu Eid family is now encamped in front of City Hall. They and solidarity activists have been spending their days and nights there.

The background is an escalating systematic policy of confiscating Palestinian property and destroying the homes built on it, in the name of `urban development`. Seven Abu Eid family homes were destroyed on a stormy day in December 2010 (video here:
Since then, various officials have apologized and made promises in order to diffuse the protest. All these promises were broken. This policy is directed from above and funded by central government money.

The government has indicated in its actions, that it has no wish to resolve the chronic issues of poverty and crime among the Palestinian communities in the Lod area. Instead, just like in Al Arakib, Silwan, Taybeh and other places, it only wants to make life harder for Palestinians, dispossess as much property as it can lay its hands on, and consequences be damned (or perhaps even welcomed).

Please come visit the protest encampment in front of the Lod City Hall. To help maintain activist presence, especially during the night, please call Esther 050-9266291, Eyal 050-880048, Or Dorit 0525596500.

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