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Beach Days for Palestinian Children: 1st call for volunteers, donations
Dear Friends,

This is the fifth year that we - a group of volunteer women - have been organizing special beach days for West Bank Palestinian children who are generally prevented from reaching the sea, except by special permit, which we obtain for these events.

Last year, with the help of private donations, we carried out 14 such days for a total of 750 children and adults arriving from various locations in the West Bank. Children`s excitement at the sight of the sea, their joy with their parents on a day that is all freedom, widen the hearts and encourages hope.

This year we have received so many applications, that fulfilling them will require even more volunteers and donations. The Ramadan occurring during all of August, will limit the available dates. We still plan to carry out 24 beach days on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from May 23 till the end of July, for a total of 1200 children.

The beach day is an all-volunteer event. It includes beach time on the Tel Aviv beach, lunch, and guided group activities at the Arab-Jewish community center in Jaffa, which does not charge us for services.

The transportation, food and required equipment (for activities, etc.) cost about $40 per child, per trip.

Please visit our website
in order to learn more, and to donate online via Paypal.

Bank Details for direct donations from abroad

Bank Name: Bank Leumi
Branch Address: Sokolov st. Ramat HaSharon 47236
Phone: 9723-9544555
Bank Swift Code: LUMIILITTLV
Bank Local Code: 10949
Account Name: Rachel Afek, Racheli Merhav
Account Number: 18584146

If you read Hebrew, an online volunteer form is here:

For more questions and volunteer options, please contact Rachel, Tzvia

With gratitude and respect,

Tzvia Shapira
Rachel Afek
Amira Itiel
Riki Shaked-Treinin


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